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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day 2k14

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I think my favorite thing about 3-day weekends is that you're able to accomplish everything that you need to get done and still have discretionary time leftover to enjoy the weekend… unlike in normal weekends where the two concepts are generally mutually exclusive.

We had a full house this weekend in the best way possible, and although it was cut a little short due to Davis getting sick, it was still a great preview of what life WILL be like in the near future (minus the 8 people living under one roof part). I will try really hard not to bore you all with the ongoing mental list I have of reasons I'm excited to have the Olivers living nearby, but no promises.

Now let's get on with the pictures, shall we?

Hold that thought: I actually didn't take any on Friday, but it was definitely a full day. I went with Allison and her kiddos to tour Davis's future preschool, grabbed a quick lunch out, and then held down the fort at home while Davis and Avery napped. Allison helped me pick up the twins at school and then we were back home for pizza dinner with the whole gang.

I headed up to the daycare again for an open house just before bedtime. I normally would have opted out, but the twins will be transitioning to the toddler room soon, so my attendance was requested so I could get the scoop. It was information overload but I'll leave you with one highlight: once they're in there, I have to label every single individual diaper that we send with them. I normally send a box of 180ish diapers at a time every 3-4 weeks, so you can imagine what one of my new hobbies will be.

Anyway, more on that transition once it actually happens. For now, let's get on with the pictures.

My best attempt at getting a picture of all 4 of the rugrats at breakfast on Saturday. Poor Davis was surrounded by his grabby sister and grabby cousin, Clara, both of whom were eyeing his cinnamon roll!

We have a banister that separates the front room/play area from the dining room, and shortly after moving in, we learned that someone's head is small enough to allow her to fit through the bars. This problem will rectify itself as she gets older (and bigger), but in the meantime, it is fairly aggravating. (And yes, we realize this could be dangerous- don't worry, we don't leave them unattended in this room.)

Wade and Allison went to look at houses on Saturday with Avery in tow; meanwhile, Colby and Clara were napping and Brian went to get a haircut, so Davis and I got to spend some quality one-on-one time playing games and watching Curious George. I also made him lunch and he declared that I make better peanut butter sandwiches than his mommy, so pretty much I'm the greatest aunt of all time.

Speaking of great aunts, "Nice Mommy" (as we refer to Allison) was an even bigger hit than normal this weekend. Clara stuck to her like glue and threw a tantrum any time she left the room. Colby was also enjoying having her around, AND she taught him a new word (well, two of them actually): "dump truck" (pronounced: duh-duh)! 

Here they both are wondering why they were momentarily left alone to play with me, aka: Sloppy Seconds.

We went to dinner on Saturday evening and after getting a tip from Brittnie about a cute owl step stool that she thought I might like at Home Goods, we decided to make a quick stop there on the way home. I posted this pic on Instagram, but had to share it again. Have I mentioned, by the way, how much I love living so close to so many shops and restaurants?!

We intended to try out a new church on Sunday, but Davis wasn't feeling so hot, so we opted to stay home. He was in better spirits after lunch, so it was off to Stomping Grounds (indoor playground) we went! It was a rainy Sunday afternoon on a long weekend, so yeah, I guess we shouldn't have been surprised at how packed it was.

Clear eyes, full diapers, can't lose. 

They were a little overwhelmed at first, so they spent the first 5 or so minutes like this, just looking around the room and assessing the situation. 

Colby warmed up once Daddy took him down the slide, but Sissy remained pretty cynical, as evidenced below:

Me with the clingy mini-me

Finally, Nice Mommy came to the rescue and showed her what she was missing. Also, how cute is her chubby little tummy?

Little monkeys

The Olivers made their early departure on Sunday, so sadly they weren't able to join us for dinner with some friends who were in town visiting their parents. We had a great time nonetheless, and the twins were so entertained by the new people, animals, and toys, that we even get to have some adult conversation! 

I definitely need to get one of these little picnic tables. It's the perfect size for toddlers and miraculously, the twins stayed put and ate their dinner there while we ate ours. Also, doesn't it look like Colby is third-wheeling/chaperoning Clara's date with Clay?

Labor Day was a wonderfully laid back day and gave us all the extra downtime we needed to recover and prepare for another school/work week. We FaceTimed the fam on several occasions, and I caught this video of the twins saying "bye" after one of the times that we hung up with my mom:

And then I took the one below during the twins' afternoon nap. I am often asked whether or not the they're able to sleep through each other's crying/yelling/general noise-making, and people are typically surprised to hear that the answer is yes. So I took this video as proof:

That would be Clara sleeping like a rock while Colby throws his standard afternoon nap protest about 4 feet away. We rescued him shortly thereafter, and he was quite content to snuggle with his mommy and his Cheerios on the couch while Clara got to nap in peace, so I'd call it a win for everyone.

What, Labor Day doesn't mean no makeup/shower required for you, too?

And that, my friends, is how the Joiners did Labor Day 2014. Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the SHORT week ahead!


Brittnie said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!!

Do you think my Clara would like the toddler area of Stomping Grounds? I have never taken her but was considering.

And yes - Labor Day meant no makeup or shower for me (even though we went all over town yesterday). :)

the blogivers said...

That second video is proof that Colby is actually a goose.

Glad we packed a decent amount of fun into the first part of the weekend to make up for the last part!

Brittany Sciba said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!! :)

Jenni said...

Sounds like a great weekend, but I am hung up on the whole "label every single diaper" thing. WHAT!? Surely they can come up with a better way?! If not, I say you invest in a stamp with your last name on it! Or teach the twins to write early. (c:

hollie marie said...

Total Creeper question: Do you work at Sugar Creek? (saw some pics on your sister's blog... those bright blue walls are hard to miss.)

Courtney Squillante said...

Sounds like so much fun! Y'all are going to LOVE living close to each other!!!

Natasha said...

All I took away from this post is that you seriously have to individually label 180 diapers?!?!? Like seriously? That's crazy!

Aubrey said...

Ha ha! I for see a call to the local fire department the day Clara gets her head stuck in the banister! Happened once to my mom when my sister got stuck in the laundry chute :)