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Friday, September 12, 2014

Just living the (working mom) dream

Just a few tidbits about our week (aka: proof that I really should have blogged more often than I did):

- One of the daycare teachers informed me that Colby said Clara's name this week! She was apparently crying (shocking), and he said "Cara." I didn't hear it myself, but if and when I do, I'm pretty sure my heart will explode into a million pieces.

- Two of the daycare teachers asked me on separate occasions if Clara likes to clean. Ha! We don't call her the "Messy Misses" for nothing, so I wouldn't exactly answer that one with a 'yes.' She does, however, like to help pick things up, throw things in the trash, etc. Apparently she has been going around "cleaning" her classroom with a rag and trying to wipe the other babies' faces, especially if they spill their milk. I might or might not be beaming with pride at the thought of having passed on some of my neat freak tendencies.

- Some mosquitoes recently tested positive for West Nile virus in Sugar Land this week. You know, the place where I live/work/spend all of my time. So that's cool. Ever since I read the article, I have been itching just thinking about it and in a constant state of paranoia that they're coming after me.

- I have always thought it would be fun to be "regulars" at a restaurant somewhere, and as of last night, I think we have found our somewhere. There's a subpar-but-still-tasty restaurant right around the corner from our house called Los Tios. We decided to pay them a visit last night, and were pleasantly surprised to find that Happy Hour lasts all day on Thursdays. In addition to drink specials, they also have a FREE queso/salsa/bean "bar."

Add in the fact that we had a buy one, get one half off coupon, and our family of 4 had dinner - including a giant beer for Brian - for $18 + tip. The twins' dinner was basically queso and refried beans.

At first, they were fervently dipping their chips in the beans and queso, but quickly learned that their fingers worked just as well:

When we left, she had queso on her clothes, in her hair, and even stuck in her eyelashes.

Children after my own heart.

So do share… what was the highlight of YOUR week?


the blogivers said...

Sweet that the CG said her name! I wonder if it will take him an eternity to pronounce it correctly like it's taking Davis?

I'd say having happy hour 2 nights in a row was the highlight of my week, though neither was fun enough to send me home with queso stuck in my eyelashes.

Aubrey said...

Awwww! Live that C said C's name!!! I've been saying how much I can't wait to hear my babies' voices but mostly I can't wait to hear how they will pronounce each other's names :)

Aubrey said...

Live = love

Brittnie said...

Love that Colby said Claras name!! How sweet.

Fun about Los Tios. We frequent Lupitas (in the shopping center as HPB, Shipleys, etc) and love their fajitas and tortillas! Family mexican dinner meet up in the near future??

Amanda said...

Embarrassingly enough, we're regulars at one of our local Mexican restaurants, too. So much so that the owner will come sit down with us to chat while we eat...and we even invited him to our wedding! Yeah, it's THAT bad... And I can't believe I just admitted that! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

NN Bartley said...

We used to be "regulars" at Los Tios. The then manager would strain the "yuckies" out of the kid's quesos for them. He also was clearing out his store room and gave Austin a SIGNED poster from Ozzie Osborne (Stay F-----g Crazy! Ozzie) and did stained glass pieces for all the kids one Christmas. All the waiters knew our orders. Then the manager had a stroke, service dropped and we moved over to Lupitas which has better food but no real specials. And they know our order there. Also know our orders at Chili's bar area, Corellis & the girls are memorized AND recognized over the phone at Soliz.

Brittany Sciba said...

I am proud/surprised that you allowed them to get that messy! I am noticing a theme in the comments that all of the regulars go to mexican restaurants (us included)! Never underestimate the entertainment value of chips and queso (for the adults or kids)! :)

Erika said...

Free salsa/queso/bean bar?!?!?! Would you say that restaurant is too far away from me for ME to be a regular there? I can really get behind that. The savings on queso alone would probably almost pay for my plane tickets, right?? sweeeeeet that Colby said Clara's name!!! Love that!

Natasha said...

I think we are only regulars at McDonald's. Although if there was a decent Mexican restaurant near us I would totally jump on that train.