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Monday, September 8, 2014

Highs and lows

So I decided that in place of recapping all of the details of our fairly uneventful - though still enjoyable- weekend, I would share each family member's favorite and least favorite part:

Favorite: Dinner (take-out from Chuy's) and watching the A&M game with our pals, the Cruikshanks
Least favorite: yard work… lots of lots of yard work; We received a code violation notice from the city of Sugar Land last week informing us that our tree branches were not trimmed high enough off the street. And while it was tempting to mail them a bag full of dog poop in return, we want to start off on the right foot in our new city of residence, so Brian went ahead and trimmed them (for the second time).

Favorite: Easy- eating. This always tops Colby's list of preferred activities. Most notable meal for him would probably be breakfast on Saturday, wherein he consumed a banana, pancakes, and scrambled eggs.
Least favorite: Being forced to attempt afternoon naps on both Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to this stubborn guy and his passionate hatred of The Second Nap of the Day, we're officially going to attempt the two-to-one nap transition next weekend.

Favorite: Running errands on Saturday, and her reasons are twofold:
(1) she and Colby were sporting matching Aggie attire, and therefore received lots of extra attention while we were out and about (she likes attention… not sure where she got that?!;)
(2) we took them into Petco for the first time and she went crazy over all of the "DAH! DAH! OOOO! DAH!" (dogs).
Least favorite: Being expected to behave like a normal human being when the Cruikshanks came over. She was in rare form and would not stop whining, hitting, and generally making her mommy insane/embarrassed.

Favorite: Well besides hanging out with the Cruikshanks (Brian stole that one), I'd have to say running on Saturday morning. I have a weekend tradition of waking up before everyone else and going for a (brief) run and I really enjoy it. I don't enjoy the heat, humidity, and swarm of mosquitoes, but those will soon be a thing of the past… temporarily.
Least favorite: Allison has been dealing with some stress associated with the move and it seemed to peak this weekend. It was driving me crazy that there was nothing I could do to help or fix it, and as is often the case, I found myself absorbing the stress and being on edge myself. Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here on out!

And two pictures I just felt like including…

We busted out the crayons for the first time, and I can't say I was too shocked that Colby was the first one that attempted to eat them.

Watching/entranced by one of the Kids123TV videos on youtube, aka: the current soundtrack to our lives


the blogivers said...

Sorry that my stress negatively contributed to your weekend, but glad I had good news to share on Sunday to help turn it around! And hopefully the nap transition will make future weekends go more smoothly in your 'hood, even if it takes a little time.

Brittnie said...

I have tried crayons several times with Clara but ALL she wants to do it eat them. So. . . . what to do about that?

I have started working out before Brandon goes to work and I feel so good when I do. There really is something about getting up before everyone else and starting the day off alone! (And let's be clear. . . by working out I mean maybe 2-3 days a week, not everyday. Ain't that crazy.)

Erika said...

Love this format of weekend reviewing!!! But seriously- a 'code violation' for your tree trimming height?!?! Did you also get reprimanded for not wearing enough pieces of flair??

Amanda said...

"our tree branches were not trimmed high enough"--- is this for real? I can't even imagine. You should have your Sugar Land violation patrol come visit the sticks of GA where we use fun things like toilets as flower pots and trucks without tires as landscaping.

Amanda said...

I like this high/low recap and might have to steal your idea. :-) Despite the lows, it still sounds like a lovely weekend -- we're big fans of the free entertainment provided by pet stores, too, and I'm also loving your recent YouTube links (they're a nice break from the Super Why episodes we've seen a bajillion times)!

Brittany Sciba said...

I like this high/low idea! I am also impressed that your high was running. Petco is also one of our favorite outings! Reid loves watching the dogs get groomed!

Aubrey said...

Great idea for a weekend re cap!! I'm wishing my favorite of anything were going for a run! :)

hollie marie said...

Ummm, where might I ask is this Chuy's?! Is it on the Southwest side/Sugar Land area? Just so happens to be my fav-o-RITE mexican place, but I can't say that I've ever seen it around. Mind you, we pretty much stick pretty close to Hwy 6 or 59.

Natasha said...

I REALLY like this way of doing a weekend recap and I will be shamelessly stealing it for my blog in the not too distant future. You, of course, will get all the credit for it however so maybe that can be a new weekend "high" for you!