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Friday, September 5, 2014

17 months… and stuff

Oh, hey, guess what… our house still hasn't sold! Exciting, right? We are getting pretty consistent requests for showings, however, so I am confident hopeful that it will sell soon. And then we will go out to a celebratory dinner where I will stuff my face and have a margarita.

Except that probably won't happen, because every time I declare that I will do something exciting to celebrate a momentous occasion, I remember how lame I really am and bail on it. (In case you forgot, upon finding out we were pregnant, instead of getting permission to leave work an hour, I sent Brian to lunch at Freebirds on his own while I went back to work. And what's even worse? My boss was out of the office that day. Seriously, I am that lame.)


The twins are 17 months old today, so happy 17 months to them! I have mentally committed to making a few big changes when they reach 18 months (pacifier detox for Clara and officially dropping to one nap a day - aka: ONLY ONE BREAK FOR MOMMY AND DADDY A DAY), so I fully intend to enjoy every minute of this next month. Especially the really quiet minutes that occur when Clara has a pacifier in her mouth. And the really quiet ones that occur during their two separate naps. I hate change.

I also intend to take some non-professional-but-better-than-the-crappy-iphone pictures of them at 18 months, so perhaps I will accompany those with a more official 18-month update blog post. For now, all you need to know is the following:

- They are both saying more words. Colby's newest, as I mentioned, is "dump truck," and Clara's newest is "baby."

- One word they almost never say in context is "mama," which is only mildly insulting, especially considering the passion with which Clara yells "DAH" every time she sees anything that even remotely resembles a dog. Don't worry, I only endured 3 years of infertility, underwent a cycle of IVF, carried you in my womb for 8+ months, and went through major surgery to bring you into this world. No hard feelings.

- But don't worry, "dada" rolls right off their tongues, as does "Pop Pop," which would be their name for my dad, whom they see approximately once a month.

- They are much better at feeding themselves and thankfully will eat most things we put in front of them. This has made meal time immensely less labor-intensive… and stressful.

- They are busy. And they think they are really independent. Which is both aggravating and entertaining all at the same time.

So that's about all I have to share at the moment. Happy Friday!


the blogivers said...

Happy 17 months, little ones! Can't wait to be around and babysit you after the changes have gone into place!

Brittnie said...

Awww happy 17 months! Ok I might be crazy, but I LOVED when we transitioned Clara to one nap. A lot more flexibility to go out during the day and also a much longer stretch of mommy time during said nap. Clara will nap 3 hours straight somedays. :)

Amanda said...

Wow! 17 months already -- where does the time go?? It only gets more fun (if not also more challenging...); we're at 26 months now (more practically referred to as 2 years old), and he's starting to string words together into sentences. But if it makes you feel any better, if you ask who his best friend or favorite person is, he names our cat. Every.single.time. No love for the ones who feed him, wipe his hiney, tend to his, he prefers the moody old cat who wants nothing to do with him. Crazy kids!

Erika said... that they will say Pop Pop...those fickle little humans!! Paci detox sounds exciting- my SIL had a pretty genius method (although I don't think her son was as attached to his as Clara is)...she snipped off a little bit of the bottom of the paci (rubber part that goes in the mouth) each day...after a few days it was basically a little nub of a paci and he brought it over to her and said "it doesn't work anymore" and never asked for it again. That blew my mind. So there's your unsolicited advice from me! :)

Beth said...

I majorly dreaded going to one nap, but it has been much less painful than expected. We do try to always get out in the morning, though. Are you going to drop pacis completely or will she still get it at naps/nighttime?

Aubrey said...

I don't know why but I love that Colby's new word is dump truck! Must be the boy mama in me :)

Brittany Sciba said...

We just transitioned GK to one nap last week (probably too early), but like everyone said, I think you will love the freedom it gives you in the morning! Also, loving Colby's sailboat Jon Jon…very Prince George of him. :)

Natasha said...

Yay for easier mealtimes. I hope the soother/one nap transitions aren't as scary as you're anticipating.

And my favourite thing ever is when Rachel announces, "Daddy is my bestest friend ever. Mommy is the worstest." which we hear around here about once a day. Awesome.

kayla Agan said...

You will loooooove one nap I promise!!! So much more predictability in a day and you can almost always count on an awesome nap!!