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Friday, August 29, 2014

Wherein I reference poop… and other things

I'm happy to share that all our air conditioning at the old house needed was extra coolant… to the tune of $250, but still, I am well aware that it could have been much worse! We also had a couple of other showings this week, and decided to go ahead and lower the asking price just to speed things up, so we're hoping these are all steps in the right direction. In the meantime, I will continue clenching my jaw in my sleep and beating myself up over every dollar we spend until it sells, because that's productive and helpful.

In other news, we had a first at the Joiner house this week when Colby's hands had a (thankfully brief) encounter with his dirty diaper. I will spare you the details, but let me just state that it was an inconvenient time for the kids to have spilled raisins on the floor a few minutes prior. You can imagine my alarm when we finished cleaning him up only to spot those scattered about where he had been playing. Phew.

And on a happier (and less disgusting) note, how about those Aggies last night?? We made sure the twins were decked out in their new Aggie gear, and I sported my new maroon shirt from Francesca's. Brian was also wearing maroon, but didn't make it in a pic, so you'll just have to trust me on that.

And that's about all I have to share with you today. We are looking forward to a long weekend AND to having the Olivers come visit… almost as much as we're looking forward to the day in the not too distant future where they don't have to visit because they will live here :)

And now I will leave you with the following video that Clara loves very passionately at the moment… because I cannot get it out of my head and, well, misery loves company. Enjoy!

(Who knew that what the owl actually says is "to whit to whoooo?")


the blogivers said...

Kewt maroon shirt! Can't wait to steal it when we move there!

Brittnie said...

Love all the Aggie gear! And love those cute babies!

Can't wait for the Olivers to be here as well!

Erika said...

Love all of yall's Aggie-wear!! We were watching and cheering yall on last night, but our clothing was very un-festive.

kayla Agan said...

Why did I watch the video? I mean kids are sleeping!

Courtney Squillante said...

OMG! That was one of Jay's most favorite videos ever!!!!! We are probably responsible for 10,000 of its views! (Wish I was kidding...)

Brittany Sciba said...

So much Aggie cuteness!!

Natasha said...

Ha ha ha!!! Poop and raisins! We had a similar experience with poop and chocolate. Only the chocolate was smeared all over the mouth. Fun times!