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Monday, August 11, 2014

Time flies when you're uprooting yourself and all your belongings

So in case you only follow me on the blog and know me from no other social media outlets (or real life), then you might not be aware of the reason for my blogging absence for the past 2 weeks! We closed on the new house on Tuesday, July 29th, and have been going non-stop ever since. Other than being at work and sleeping, I don't think I have sat still for more than 10 consecutive minutes during that time span. Suffice it so say that I am worn out and looking forward to settling into a new normal!

The move went as well as we could have hoped, especially considering that it occurred during August in Houston (aka: the time of year when living on the sun seems like a breezy paradise in comparison). We were so thankful for all of the help we had, including those who brought food! The Olivers and my parents came in town to help (Allison's recap can be found here), and Brian's family (who lives here now) also pitched in to assist. It's safe to say the move would have taken a lot longer and would have been a lot less fun without them all.

Love this picture of Colby watching Brian and his dad install the prison bars, er, I mean baby gate

Clara, of course, wanted in on the action/attention as well!

My grandparents even stopped by to visit, and my sweet grandmother brought a massive spread of food with her, cookies included :) Here's Colby with my grandpa, Roy.

We hired movers to move the furniture, and while they did a great job, I opted not to watch and busied myself organizing the kitchen instead. Something about watching sweaty strangers balance our most expensive household possessions in their arms (including up a set of stairs) was just a tad unsettling to my nerves!

Anyway, the move is done and praise God for that. The bad news is that we haven't gotten any offers on our old house yet, so yes, we are still the proud owners of TWO houses. It has only been 3.5 weeks, so I am trying not to get discouraged and am trusting Brian's and the realtor's advice to just be patient. Your continue prayers for the perfect seller (to offer asking price) (or above) (and pay in cash) (and without any contingency) (what, you don't think God can handle that?) are greatly appreciated!

In the middle of moving, we also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! And by "celebrated," we cleaned out the old house, shopped for curtains and furniture, and organized our master closet. Don't worry, we still made time to eat out for breakfast and dinner (shout-out to Brian's parents for watching the twins that evening).

Here's Brian at our romantic breakfast at Black Walnut Cafe

And here's me, looking almost as fancy as my omelet.

I posted this on Instagram, but had to share it again. The top pic is from our honeymoon and the bottom pic is from our anniversary last week. The romance never ends, my friends!

We spent the rest of last week tending to our real jobs and then staying up past our normal bedtime hanging pictures, rearranging furniture, and doing our best to get ourselves and the house into a "settled" state. I am thankful to report that we are feeling mostly at home and it should go without saying (if you know me) that no unpacked boxes remain!

I'm planning to post pictures later this week so stay tuned… or better yet, come visit!


the blogivers said...

Looking forward to having you back on g-chat on a regular basis!

Brittnie said...

Very excited to see it all decorated!

Aubrey said...

Happy 7the anniversary and congrats on a successful move!

Natasha said...

I think we still have boxes to unpack from our move and it was a year ago. Yerghks :()

Also, I love the "shoot out" to Brian's parents :) Ha ha!!!

And I am praying for your old house to sell quickly so you don't own two homes for too long. Although you could refer to your old house as your "vacation home" and sound all rich!!!