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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The newest casa de Joiner: unveiled

(Remember when I "unveiled" our old house back in April 2010?)

As promised, I've fully documented the new house in its current state. Allow me to take you on a tour...

Ok so I stole this post from the real estate listing… I was not in the mood to walk all the way out to the street to snap a new one when it looks essentially the same. And yes, we are aware that the bushes/trees on the left need some major trimming! 

Fun fact: we're at the end of a cul-de-sac!

And here's the front porch, complete with owl door mat and handmade wreath from my crafty SIL

Come on in!

The front room, aka: the most confusing room in the house to me. Currently it serves as the twins' playroom and our computer room. Our sectional wouldn't fit in the TV room, so it has taken up residence in this room as well.

If you turn right just pass the front room, you'll get to the master bedroom. 

A view of our bathroom, and as a bonus, a sneak peek of the miniature door on the left, which we've affectionately nicknamed "the hobbit hole"

More bathroom

One view of the master closet, complete with an excessive number of shoes

Back to the main area of the house: the dining room. Note: that rug is not as black as it appears!

Entrance to the kitchen from the dining room- the counter goes on forever (and the party never ends)

The rest of the kitchen; another fun fact: that oven was installed a year ago when the most recent owners bought the house and they NEVER used it. And perhaps more importantly, it's blue inside!

The butler/dry bar/place where our keys and bags reside when we're at home

Half bathroom- 50% bathroom, 100% awesome

I should never be a real estate photographer because I am terrible at lighting… nonetheless, here's our breakfast room with a view of the TV room and stairs in the background.

And here's the breakfast room with the backyard in the background

The TV room

The TV room again, this time showcasing our new love seat (left) and old one (right)

I figured a picture of the stairs would be boring, so I threw this action shot in instead. Our old house was only one story so these stairs have opened up a whole new world to them! That would be why one of our first purchases was additional baby gates.

Once you get upstairs, the first guest room is on your right.

If you go down the hall, the second guest room is on your right...

And the bathroom is on your left!

For those of you with mad "Where's Waldo?" skills, yes, there is a picture above the towel rack in this picture that wasn't taken in the picture above. I actually took these on separate days, so sue me.

I didn't really have anything to put in the built-in next to the sink, so I decided to fill it with frames (and a candle)… I also think the ducky night light adds a nice touch, don't you?

And then at the end of the hall is the twins' room! 

Probably looks familiar if you remember seeing their nursery reveal- the main difference is that this room is much bigger!

Better view of the changing table with one cute little addition in the middle of the floor

I found them like this while I was taking pictures… apparently they take their play mat time very seriously. 

And lastly, a picture of the backyard, also taken from the real estate listing, because again- walking outside to take pictures in August? Not going to happen. 

So there you have it! In case I never mentioned it before, the main reason we moved was for convenience. The new house is 3.5 miles from my office/the twins' daycare, and has cut Brian's commute about in half. 

We're more or less in the middle of Sugar Land, which means we have easy access to just about anything we need (perhaps most importantly, a wide variety of Mexican restaurants). All that to say, we would love for you to come visit, so if you're ever in the area, be sure to let me know!

Thanks for joining me on the virtual tour!


the blogivers said...

Yay, new house! It's just a shame it took you so long to get settled. Can't wait to see it again in person!

Brittnie said...

I didn't expect anything less from you but wow you sure got everything set up fast!! Looks great! I can't wait to come back again and see it in person. (Maybe this time my sweet Clara won't be having a major meltdown b/c heaven forbid I make her walk to the front door herself.)

Brittany Sciba said...

I was going to say the same thing that Brittnie said! We've lived in our house over a year and I still need to hang things on the walls! You are FAST! Everything looks great! So happy for y'all!

Amber Massey said...

Gorgeous house!! Congrats on the move! AND having it all together so quickly. Love it:)

Erika said...

I love it!!! Especially your lonnnnngggg countertops in the kitchen. And that random butler bar counter. Since every flat surface imaginable in my house is currently littered with pieces of bottles...I wish I had a few of your extra spots!!!!

JoJo said...

Love how big the yard is. The twins look to be having fun in the new house.

Amanda said...

It's beautiful! One question though: when Erika brings Millie to visit, will she need to hop over the doormat or do you remove the offensive birds from sight?

Amanda said...

Well, I took the opportunity to introduce myself on your sister's blog today, so I figured I might as well stop being your stalker, too... Came here through Erika's blog quite some time ago, and it's about time I said hello. Congrats on the new home, a successful move, and supernatural settling in skills! Seriously, seeing everything in its place and all of your artwork hung makes me feel really bad that I still haven't framed my two-year-old's BIRTH pictures, much less gotten them up on a wall...oops! You're an inspiration! :-)

Aubrey said...

Love the new house!!

hollie marie said...

Hey, My In-laws live in Missouri City! (Sienna to be exact) We are in that neck'o'the woods often. Maybe a little too often...

Sarah McCoy said...

Love this!! Congrats!!!

Courtney Squillante said...

Awesome!! I love love love it!!

Natasha said...

I don't know if I'm most envious of your two guest bedrooms, your acres of counters, or the fact that you have it all set up so quickly. Next time we move I'm just going to let you unpack for me. Does that work for you?!