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Monday, August 25, 2014

Quick weekend getaway (with children)

We spent the weekend in La Grange with Brian's family, and a good time was had by all. As expected, we all ate too much and the twins thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention for a solid 24 hours. The only downfall to the weekend was that we came thisclose to running out of diapers thanks to Colby's very efficient digestive system (seriously, he had no less than 10 dirty diapers in a 36-hour period of time), but we didn't actually end up running out, so we'll still call it a win.

We brought some of the twins' toys, but it should have come as no surprise that these kitchen supplies were more entertaining to them!

Clara was, once again, a little (ok, a lot) standoffish with everyone and spent a good deal of time in my lap or in my arms. Thankfully she let her guard down a few times and agreed to let Brian's dad entertain her!

Meal times were pretty amusing- they usually ate with an audience of at least half a dozen people!

We were thankful that our old house had a few showings while we were gone (good news), but our realtor also mentioned that we need to get our AC checked out because it doesn't seem to be working very well (bad news). The only thing more frustrating than having to spend money on home repairs is spending money on repairs to a home in which you aren't actually living.

The silver lining (barely) is that thanks to the Olivers' recent announcement, Allison and I get to commiserate about the ups and downs of selling a house, so at least I don't have to suffer alone. And on that note, we would greatly appreciate your continued prayers for our old house to sell and for their house to sell ASAP.

Also, did I mention how excited I am that they are moving here? This brings us one step closer to our lifelong dream of sharing a duplex wherein the guys live on one side and Allison and I live on the other, ha! Now that we have children, that dream might have to be altered a bit, but I'll settle for having them in walking distance. 

That's all I've got for today. Hope everyone has a great week… in my book, every day is one day closer to Fall and therefore one day closer to bearable temperatures, so hooray for that!


the blogivers said...

One day our little girls will get over their standoffishness, our houses will be sold, and we will be getting pedicures together on a regular basis and all will be right with the world.

Erika said...

Ugh, having to fix an appliance in a house you aren't living in?!?!? That sounds AWFUL. I'll pray that it miraculously fixes itself.

NN Bartley said...

Now why doesn't Allison just buy your house and you'll both be set?

Brittany Sciba said...

Bummer about the AC! That's SO frustrating. Glad you had a nice little getaway and I'm praying the house sells soon!!

Natasha said...

I had the same idea as NN Bartley but I am assuming there are obvious reasons that won't be happening. It's probably not in walking distance from you, for instance :)

Also, boo boo boo to having to fix the air conditioning in your old house. For five (loooong) minutes yesterday, on the only really hot day we've had this summer mind you, I thought our air conditioning had gone out and it was annoying to be considering having to fix it. And we still live here.