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Monday, August 18, 2014

One very full weekend

Well I have to admit, it sure was nice to have a weekend that didn't revolve around moving for a change. The downside to getting unpacked and settled so quickly is that it's exhausting. The upside is that it frees you up to resume normal life more quickly. So this past weekend, we did indeed resume normal life.

Brian's mom very graciously agreed to babysit on Friday night while we went out to dinner. Clara was apparently a little stand-offish with her, which isn't a surprise given Clara's propensity to be a little stand-offish with most anyone that is not mommy lately. Nonetheless, they had a good time and we enjoyed a kid-free dinner and shopping (because it makes sense to continue spending money needlessly when you are financially responsible for two houses at one time, no?). 

Flowers Brian brought home before our date!

Saturday was action-packed and much to the twins' delight, primarily kid-oriented. We had a little impromptu visit that morning from my friend, Beth, and the twins' friend, Mateo, who is just 10 days younger (and expecting a baby brother in a few weeks!). 

Mateo and Colby lounging in the anywhere chairs... I think it's amusing that Colby and his friend, Hayes, did the exact same thing when he last came over to play- funny boys!

I also thought this picture was entertaining- Clara looks like she's not so sure about this tan young gentleman that's hanging out in her chair. 

After naps and lunch, we hit up a splash pad in a nearby neighborhood with one of my former co-workers, her husband, and their little boy, Kason, who goes to daycare with the twins. This was our first time to visit a splash pad and I'd say it was a success, but good gracious, chasing kids around at this age is exhausting! We spent the whole time chasing them while they just ran around aimlessly, often more interested in pieces of trash and strangers' shoes than the actual splash pad. 

She gets her svelte figure and friendly expressions from me :)

Happy guy with some sagging swimsuit bottoms

Looks like Brian is helping them through a blizzard!

I know what you're thinking: she totally has a future career in modeling.

Kason watching the action- he is such a smiley, chatty, outgoing little guy!

Brian went to ride down the slide (seriously, this place was like a miniature Schlitterbahn) and while I was on solo duty for a few minutes, I brushed up on my mother-of-the-year skills by planting them both in between straps on the lawn chair. Sadly, the photo opp didn't quite turn out like I had hoped!

We ended the day by celebrating some of our other favorite twins' first birthday party- happy birthday, Mary & Maggie!

We don't get to hang out with these two as much now that we've moved, so we were thankful for an opportunity to hang out! Also, my children look homeless here.

I just loved Clara's sweet expression in this one- clearly she was enjoying hanging out in the bounce house with the boys! (Add this to the list of activities she will not be doing unsupervised in about 15 years.)

Best friends forever, whether they like it or not!

Their daycare pal, Kennedy, showed them how to work a trampoline

Kristen showing Hayes and Colby how to jump

Can you tell it was getting close to bedtime?

Meanwhile, Clara convinced Daddy to take her for a spin in the Cozy Coupe

We wrapped up the day with baths and bedtime, and I figured that as long as I had the "good" camera out, I might as well document that as well!

Clara giving the whale spout a talking to

Love that happy guy and his pretty blue eyes

Sunday was much lower key, consisting of plenty of play time and a trip to Costco (on a Sunday afternoon in August right before the start of school - it was special). We did throw in one more social event for the weekend with the Blackburns coming over for dinner- we're so excited to be living so close to them now!

There were four children aged two and under in the mix, so you can imagine how chaotic it was. Thankfully, there were no major meltdowns and they all played pretty well together! Also thankfully, the Blackburns did not judge us for serving delivery pizza and basically having everyone eat on the floor. Ah, what a glamorous season of life we're in at the moment.

Colby and Camille were flirting, much to Camille's daddy's dismay ;)

Clara B. was playing with a game on the iPhone and Clara J. squeezed right in next to her to watch- pretty cute!

And now we are all rested, relaxed, and ready to face a new week... ha! Happy Monday, everyone!


Brittnie said...

I pretty sure that we served y'all delivery pizza when you came to our house a long time ago and it is safe to say we had NOT just moved in so. . . . no judgement here!! It was super fun and we are excited to hang out more in the future! (Ps. I need to snuggle Colby again soon please).

LOVE Clara's expression in the Cozy Coupe. :)

the blogivers said...

Sounds like a fun weekend (more more fun than mine)! I remember taking Davis to the splash pad when he was the twins' age and he picked up dog poop with his bare hands. So apparently their propensity for picking up nasty things at splash pads is genetic!

NN Bartley said...

Delivery pizza on the that's why you registered for China and crystal.

Amanda said...

Good grief -- just reading about your weekend made me exhausted! I am seriously impressed that you squeezed all of that into such a short amount of time. Nicely done! Here's wishing you a wonderful recovery week ahead! :-)

Erika said...

Ummm...Mateo is a SERIOUSLY cute baby. I will push for a Clara-Mateo marriage in the (far, far) future. Also, why is it fine for babies to hang out naked when their friends come over, but somehow that's not okay for adults...?? Stupid double standards.

Natasha said...

I'm still laughing about Clara's svelte figure and friendliness! Ha ha ha!!!

Amanda said...

Svelte figure... haha, I snorted at that one. Seriously though, they are pretty precious! The Cozy Coupe one is a keeper!

Brittany Sciba said...

Wow! Busy weekend! Colby and Clara have quite the social life! :) Cute pictures of your cute babies and all of their cute friends!