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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life with the twinkies

In case you were wondering, the twins seem to have adjusted well to their new surroundings, although I do think the move threw them off a little at first. The week after we moved in was when we were informed by the daycare that Clara had a “biting problem” in addition to labeling her as having a “feisty temper.” I was chalking both up to her incoming molars (#2 and #3, while brother still appears to have none), but a week later, she had mellowed out quite a bit and had taken the crazy down a notch, so I’m inclined to think it was maybe just her acting out. I hear ya, sister- change isn’t easy!

Nonetheless, I was admittedly feeling a little discouraged about the reports we were getting, because when paired with my own frustrations with her behavior, I felt like nothing positive was being said about her by anyone. I decided to make an effort to speak more positively about her (self-fulfilling prophecy, I hoped), and I really do think it made a difference both in my attitude and her demeanor. She can be as sweet as she is sassy, and I think there’s a purpose for both attributes, so I want to make sure and appropriately encourage both :)

It really is a pretty interesting science experiment to get to watch a boy and a girl grow up at the same time parallel to one another. True to the stereotypes, Clara is dramatic, expressive, and a little bit unpredictable, while Colby is pretty easygoing, minds his own business, and has fairly basic and consistent needs. Don’t get me wrong, though, they both have their share of ridiculous toddler moments… but then again, I feel like I sometimes have those, too!

Other current developments:
- They are both really into saying “uh oh,” right now, even when whatever they’ve done is 100% not accidental.
- Their attention spans are getting longer, which means it’s not uncommon for one of them to spend a solid ten minutes taking every item out of the toy picnic basket and then putting it back in the picnic basket… over, and over, and over again.
- They are becoming more intentional with their playtime, which means that they are actually interested in helping “build” things with blocks rather than destroying anything we create. This also means that they will pick certain stuffed animals out of the basket to line up or throw across the room and not others, and it is really amusing to me to try and figure out their “logic.”
- They’re starting to prepare for the transition to the toddler room at daycare, which means they are taking naps on mats instead of cribs. How the teachers accomplish this is really a mystery to me, but allegedly Colby naps much better on the mat than in the crib. Who knew?
- Semi-relatedly, one of the teachers just returned after being away for several weeks, and she mentioned that Colby had "matured" since she left. And while I'm sure she's right, that's hard for me to imagine with a guy that still wears diapers and yells like a crazy person if you don't feed him his banana fast enough.

Anyway, I've posted a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure, just for a small glimpse into their personalities:

They're pretty cute... I think we'll keep them :)


the blogivers said...

Growing up too quickly!!

Brittnie said...

I am super impressed they nap on the mats at daycare! I think my Clara will still need a crib when she starts back at MDO in September.

Amanda said...

Sweet babies! Love watching them grow! Colby reminds me so much of my's a guy thing, I guess. I remember the cute "uh oh" Andrew's into knocking things over (or throwing his chair across the room) and yelling "OH NOOOOOOOOO!" It's a good thing toddlers are as silly as they are sassy...I believe it helps save our sanity just a bit!

Natasha said...

I love your words of wisdom about speaking positively about our kids and how that influences our attitudes as well. I really need to take that lesson to heart on those frustrating three year old days. It gets so easy to label our kids by everything negative they do. And you are so right, how is that good for anyone???

Clara's sassiness will come in really handy when she's thirteen and won't let anyone walk all over her or those she cares about.

Also, Amen! to adults acting like toddlers sometimes. I'm pretty sure I regressed to toddlerhood for awhile last night :)

Brittany Sciba said...

Love them!

Erika said... kids saying 'uh oh!' and awesome baby logic.

Aubrey said...

so cute!