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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thirty-one in three parts

Colby and Clara are 14 months old today! Selfless mom that I am, I'm going to commemorate the occasion by blogging about my own birthday. They'll tell a therapist about this some day, no doubt.

Let's break down my 31st recap into three sections: (1) Pre-birthday, (2) Birthday, and (3) Post-birthday, aka: the reason I haven't blogged all week.

The celebration sort of started on Thursday when a thoughtful co-worker gave me some early birthday treats and Brian showed up unexpectedly at my office with pretty flowers AND cookies from Tiff's Treats.

After work on Friday (have I mentioned how much I love getting off work at 11:30 on Fridays?!), I went to redeem the massage and pedicure gift card Brian had given me for Mother's Day. Let's ignore the irony of the fact that I left the kids at daycare while I went to redeem this Mother's Day gift.

This is the look of a mom who feels guilty, don't you think?

After the rendezvous at the spa, Brian and I actually went to look at another house. To make a long story short that summarizes how ridiculous the housing market is right now, the house went on the market on Thursday, we went to see it on Friday, we put it an offer on Saturday, and learned on Sunday that our offer was rejected because there were FOURTEEN OTHER OFFERS on the same house. Ridiculous. 

That's fine, house, I don't want your ugly sliding mirror closet doors and single pane windows anyway.

After we (finally) picked up the kids, fed them dinner, and put them to bed, I was off to birthday dinner with a few friends at a Mexican restaurant near my house. It was fun to spend some girl time without husbands or kids, and I even decided to live on the wild side and have a margarita, which happens approximately never. Because of this, it's safe to say I was a little loopy by the time dinner was over, and although no one has called me out on it, I'm pretty sure I was acting like an overly smiley dork for the duration of the meal. That's how you know they're true friends ;)

A truly terrible picture, but I had to document it because these are some of my favorite people! (Kristen, Kim, Brittany, Brittnie, me, Shannon)

We hit the road for Austin on Saturday morning and made it in time to meet the Olivers and my parents for lunch at Blue Baker
Husbands + Parents

Franny & Pop Pop + Avery & Clara

Birthday girls + Avery

Family pic, for which the twins were clearly very cooperative!

You can't tell from this picture, but Clara was really excited to see Allison (whom we've now named "second mommy"), and snuggled with her like that for a few minutes when they were first reunited.

As you probably already learned from Allison's birthday recap, the rest of the day was spent shopping with our mom and more importantly (though we love them dearly) without our littlest sidekicks! We haven't all 3 gotten to go shopping together in a while, so it was a nice treat.

My mom will be really excited to learn that I posted this pic of her on the blog! In contrast, I know you'll all be sad to learn that she did not, in fact, purchase that headband.

Brian and Wade were on daddy duty (under the "supervision" of my dad, ha!) all day/evening, and for that we are very thankful, because handling 4 kids aged 3 and under is no easy task. They even sent pics of the littles ones in their matching jammies while we were at dinner!

You can tell Clara was trying really hard to keep it together here...

And you can tell here that she wasn't very successful at that, sadly :(

We finished off the night with a game of Cards Against Humanity, aka: the most inappropriate and hilarious game of all time. You'd think we'd be embarrassed to play this with our parents, but then you don't know our parents! Amusingly, they were usually the ones playing the most inappropriate cards.

We planned to extend our celebrating into Sunday by sticking around Austin through lunchtime. Allison and I kicked off the morning by taking Davis and Clara for a walk while Avery and Colby hung back with the boys.

About 5 minutes into the walk, Clara started getting fussy, which is unusual for her because she's usually very content in the stroller. I went to pick her up when she started wailing and that point noticed red dots on her tongue. I quickly checked her palms and feet and noticed matching red spots on there as well.

I knew instantly she was coming down with hand, foot, and mouth disease (remember when I caught that right before we started IVF? Fun times.). Not wanting to spread the germs to Avery and Davis (although we knew it was likely too late), we packed up our bags and the babies and hit the road for a premature departure back to Richmond.

Upon further inspection of Colby in the car, I found the same red spots. I know what you're thinking: trapped in the car for 2.5 hours with two toddlers with hand, foot, and mouth disease? Happy belated birthday to me!

And you're right, I was really pumped about it. So pumped that I briefly melted down and cried in the car about the injustice of it all. But then I sucked it up and moved on because (a) that's life and (b) cheesy though it may be, I am just so incredibly grateful for those little munchkins that I'll take every Oregon Trail disease in the world if it means I get to have them in my life.

Anyway, it was an abrupt and less-than-ideal end to the weekend/start to the week, but we powered on and hopefully the worst is behind us. A trip to the pediatrician confirmed HFM for both of the twins and a case of thrush for Clara. Poor thing :(

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised when I went back to work on Monday afternoon to see that my birthday would live on for a little while longer because a co-worker had decorated my desk while I was away (and another co-worker bestowed upon me the 2 most gigantic bags of M&Ms ever created, which you can see in the background)!

 So there you have it: all three stages of turning 31! Thanks to all who helped make my golden birthday such a special one, even my sweet diseased little babies!


  1. Had a great time celebrating!! Thanks again for including me in the fun!

    Poor C&C. . . how are they feeling now?

    I really, really want to check out that spa!

  2. What fun (minus the cholera and dysentery, of course)! I love your turquoise top in the picture with you and Allison. And your mom's headband. And Mexican food.

  3. Ugh, once again your co-workers outdid mine!

  4. I see a lack of owls in your workspace. Shame on you. Love, your favorite RD, Holly

  5. What a wonderful birthday weekend! As for the margarita situation, I have no idea what you are speaking of! ;)

  6. I just love reading your blog! Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Awwww... I'm so sorry that Clara and Colby got sick at the end of your birthday weekend. Blah. I hope everyone is feeling better now and that Colby and Clara didn't pass their illness on to you as a birthday present.

    Other than that it looks like it was a pretty great birthday! Especially the margarita and kidless shopping part :)

  8. I loved every second of the post (except HFM). What a great birthday!!!