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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Remember when I used to write posts without pictures?

So I got my hair cut. Apparently it was a significant cut, as evidenced by the fact that males (in addition to my spouse) noticed that it was shorter when they saw me at work yesterday. I was tired of the layers- however subtle that my have been- and ready for a change, so I just decided to chop it. Or rather, have someone else chop it.

If we're being honest, what I'm really tired of is the STUPID POST-BABY HAIR GROWTH THAT WILL SEEMINGLY NEVER GROW OUT. I have two obnoxious sprouts on either side of my part that make me want to shave my head entirely. See what I mean?:

This picture also makes my arm look ginormous, so let's just focus on how cute Clara looks, even with her crazy hair.

Anyway, here's the new 'do:

When I showed my mom, her first response was, "It looks like how you had it cut in second grade!" Oh, good. Glad I finally achieved the look I was going for.

Anyway, the daycare had a Father's Day party late Friday afternoon (more on that later), so I took advantage of the free time I had and in addition to my haircut, I also ran some errands and cleaned the house. (One day I am going to take a full day off of work and take the twins to daycare and just sit around and do absolutely nothing. Please hold me to that.)

One of my errands included a trip to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get a wedding gift, and I was actually pleasantly surprised to learn that they have shifted from complimentary gift wrapping to a complimentary do-it-yourself gift wrap station. 

Some of you may be confused as to why doing the work myself is preferable to someone else doing the work. Well let me tell you: if my impatience results in an irrational state of rage because the wrapping is taking too long, then at least I can direct that rage toward myself and do something about it rather than stand around pointlessly perusing the "as seen on tv" section.

I have to admit I was pretty proud of how my wrapping job turned out. And if you think that's lame, then you'll think it's really lame that I took a picture as proof:

While I was living the high life and scrubbing the toilets at home, Brian was attending the Father's Day party and because he is the best, he complied with my request for pictures.

Look who's getting better at walking!

 And look who thinks she's a dog!

After errand-running on Saturday (including the twins' first trip to Walmart… barf), we went to evening church and were sad to hear that Colby was unhappy for the duration of his time in the nursery. It might be because he hadn't napped since 11 am, but take a look at this picture I took once we got home and you be the judge:

Father's Day was spent celebrating Brian and although it wasn't a very relaxing day, I still hope he felt loved and appreciated, because it really goes without saying that the 3 of us would be unable to function without him! We started the morning off with breakfast from a local donut shop (highly recommended by Brittnie and Erika), which included a breakfast taco, 2 kolaches, a dozen donut holes, and this beauty:

Those would be fruity pebbles. Basically it was the breakfast of (really fat) champions.

And great daddy that he is, of course he shared with the little bits:

After lunch and nap time, Brian's family came over for burgers and baby pool time for the twins. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures while they were here, but I did document the crafty card we made for each of the grandfathers:

Those are lobsters, duh. Not too terrible for our first at home footprint/handprint art, right?

And when the weekend was done, we both collapsed into a pile of exhaustion. And then woke up yesterday morning and started a work week, because fruity pebble donuts and haircuts don't pay for themselves, am I right?


Brittnie said...

I think your hair looks great!

So glad you finally tried the Grove!! But next time you really need to try the Maple Bacon donut. My mouth is watering just typing that.

Happy belated Fathers Day to Brian!

Rhonda Cavender said...

Your hair looks great. You must have been one fine-looking foxy lady in the second grade . . .

Erika said...

Love the hair! But it makes you look just like Allison. Also, way to brag about that awesome doughnut shop. I MISS IT!!!!!! And I love how I get credit for recommending a store 1000 miles away from me/2 miles away from you.

the blogivers said...

I agree with Erika - love the hair AND think it makes you look like me... which is maybe kind of conceited of me to think the 2 at the same time.

Impressive job on the BB&B wrapping, and impressive job in choosing such a delicious-looking donut! I expect to receive at least one next time we come visit.

Natasha said...

Those lobsters are ADORABLE!!! Love!!!

And ugh, post-baby hairs. Yuck.

LittleMissCupcake said...

That's awesome (all of it). From the fruity pebbles (my fav childhood cereal, second only to Lucky Charms and Capn' Crunch), to the lovely new haircut - looks fab! - to the first time walmart expedition. Yuck-o. If I have it my way, I will never set foot in a walmart again. Target is da-bomb! :) Your babies are adorable!!

Allena said...

Looks like the perfect weekend to me. And I have the exact same flyaway pieces of my hair too from baby growth and I hate it too!

Brittany Sciba said...

LOVE the haircut! It's super cute! Also, the lobster art is adorable and way to go on attempting this with not one, but TWO babies! Love the picture of Colby walking! He looks so proud! Georgia also likes to pretend to be a puppy. :)

Leah said...

You are hilarious! You TOTALLY need to take a day off of work and do nothing.

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