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Thursday, June 12, 2014

On parenting… and stuff

I'm trying to make an effort to read actual books more often, and considering it took me 6+ months to read Sparkly Green Earrings (a very quick, light read), I'd say anything would be an improvement. In fact, I have several books that have been sitting in the drawer of my bedside table to read since before the twins were born, so it's time that I get with the program.

Luckily, my friend, Kristen, gifted me with The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting, so I have the perfect motivation to jump back on the actual-book (as opposed to Facebook) bandwagon. Don't worry, it's a satire, not an actual book about parenting… why would I read one of those when I already know everything there is to know? Pretty sure anyone who saw me with the twins at the pediatrician's office last week BAREFOOT AND CRAWLING ALL OVER THE DISGUSTING GERM-INFESTED FLOOR could tell you that. 

Speaking of parenting, I made my first purchase on zulily recently (which is really a miracle considering all of the smocked owl items they have tempted me with over the past year) and was pretty excited to see it arrive in our mailbox yesterday:

If these aren't the most perfect jammies for Colby (who has an "older brother" that's a baby dinosaur), then I don't know what would be. Sadly, there weren't any cute ones that were worth buying for Clara, but I have a feeling she will more than surpass him in apparel purchases in the future, so I'm not feeling too bad about it.

Completely unrelated, but our neighborhood had a "splash party" last weekend and because we never refuse free hot dogs and ice cream, we made sure to attend. The property management group that manages our subdivision hosted the party, and honestly the representatives running the event acted a little bit like dictators, insisting we couldn't eat the hot dogs until the official announcement was made and denying small children ice cream bars if they didn't have their wrist band to show, etc.).

Nonetheless, we had a good time and even though I already shared a couple of pictures in the twins' recap post the other day, I had a few others that were worth displaying:

Can you tell which twin took a little longer to warm up to the pool (literally and figuratively)?

I'm sorry, but I hate these hats. I mean, they are kind of cute and obviously functional, but I just have to admit that I think they're dorky on non-infants, especially when there's a chin strap involved. Sorry if you passionately love bucket hats.

 And of course, I had to save the best for last! Our friend, Stephen, and Brian were hanging out with both sets of twins (Mary & Maggie are 4.5 months younger than Colby & Clara), so clearly I had to capture the moment. And while it's not a surprise that 3/4 weren't looking at the camera, I wasn't quite expecting this animated display from Clara. Oh, that poor girl and her lack of personality… ;)


  1. Those dinosaur jammies!!! So cute!! And I LOOOOOOVE the Honest Toddler!

  2. I also have a stack of books begging me to read them but goodness. . . when God gifts me with 15 more hours in a day maybe I will get around to it?? But seriously, what did you think of Sparkly Green Earrings? It is on my "to read" list. And I have never heard of The Honest Toddler (not surprising as sometimes I feel like I live under a rock). . . might need to add that to my never-ending list of "to reads."

  3. Those floats are super cute! So are the dinosaur jammies. So are the bucket hats. So are the babies.

  4. Guess I'll go return the bucket hat I just got for myself :(

    I think Colby looks like Andrew in the last pic! I really think he has been looking more like Brown (and therefore Andrew, in my opinion) these days!

  5. I really like the dinosaur pjs. I'm tempted to see if they come in my size :)