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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Impromptu Colby & Clara update

At 14 months:

Colby is…
… weighing 20 lbs, 12 oz, which puts him in the 27th percentile.

… really interested in his stuffed animals, and gets the biggest grin on his face and gives them a hug when we hand them to him at bedtime. Sometimes he also tosses them overboard while playing before he goes to sleep. We’re hoping he doesn’t treat his real life friends with the same flippancy in years to come.

… obsessed with the toy picnic basket they got for their birthday. It’s the first toy he pulls out when he’s playing and causes the most distress when we put it away.

… becoming more interested in books. He has been known to destroy a book or two, however, so we’re only trusting him with board books for the time being!

… using everything as a push toy. This learn and play table? Push toy. The chair at the pediatrician’s office? Push toy. DVD case? Push toy that’s very low to the ground.

… taking steps here and there, but very cautiously. Never would we have predicted that Clara, our baby that was deemed “floppy” at birth, would walk before her sturdy big brother.

… quite the eater. In typical boy fashion, he loves eating meat, but he can also always make room for apple sauce, bananas, grapes, and yogurt.

… known to play in his crib for up to an hour before going to sleep at naptime. And then he will usually only stay asleep for 45 minutes to an hour.

… very disgusted by milk. Chocolate milk and strawberry milk are equally offensive to regular milk, in case you were wondering.

… generally content except when food is involved. If he doesn’t like what he’s given or wants more of what he’s given, he will make it known… and loudly.

… still (much to my frustration) slamming his sippy cup onto the floor when he’s done drinking. Isn’t there a term for this in football… intentional grounding?

… great at independent play time and usually minds his own business.

… still only operating with 4 teeth and not showing many signs of popping up any others.

… very sweet when he wants to be, including his newest habit of laying his head on your shoulder and reciprocating back-patting by patting you on the back at the same time—might be my favorite thing ever!

Clara is…
… weighing 21 lbs, which puts her in the 55th percentile… which makes her seem obese in comparison to her birth weight, which was in the 1st percentile.

… starting to lose interest in her Wubbanub pacifiers, possibly because of her recent bout with thrush? Don’t worry, though, she isn’t lacking in items to which she can be irrationally attached. However, in this current phase, “items” = me.

… a lot like a tornado, moving unexpectedly from one place to the next and making messes as she goes.

… most definitely walking (or toddling, rather)! It seems to be to her advantage that she’s so daring and doesn’t really worry much about what (or whom) might be in her way.

… a big fan of milk! This is really the only explanation for the fact that she continues to outweigh her brother, because he definitely eats more than she does.

… not a picky eater, but also doesn’t seem to love any one food all that much… she just tolerates many different kinds. And those that she doesn’t tolerate? She lovingly feeds to the dogs.
Nothing but the healthiest food for my child(ren)!

… moody! She can (and often does) go from giggling, to whining, to shrieking angrily in a matter of seconds.

… not so great at playing or doing much of anything independently. Relatedly, she doesn’t necessarily have favorite toys at the moment. She just wants to be where the people are at all times!
Let me out!!!

… still a great napper and consistently naps longer (and more quietly) than Colby.

… very chatty. She still only says a handful of “words,” but she is constantly talking. And we’re pretty sure it’s in some type of tribal African dialect.

… also still only operating with 4 teeth, but I’m hoping that the finger-chewing, unexplained whining, and semi-constant need to be held are the result of some new ones coming in!

… getting better at “sharing” (some) things with Colby. She even tries to shove Cheerios in his mouth when they’re eating out of the same snack cup, which usually just results in her sticking her fingers in his mouth. I wonder how they both ended up catching the same virus last week? ;)


  1. Cute babies! (or should I say toddlers??)

    And no judgement about the Lays chips. . . I totally bought pop tarts for my Clara the other day so. . . :)

  2. Hahaha I'm cracking up at the thought of a DVD case being a push toy. For an ant, maybe??

  3. Love Clara's little Frankenstein walk. Tell them to stop growing please!

  4. Sweeties....I need that picnic basket, so cute! Are yours still on 2 naps? I can't figure out naps these days! Oh & we dealt with thrush too. Yuck huh!?

  5. And I must add I discovered lays were on our "ok" list and we consume more than I'd like to admit! :)

  6. Who gave them that picnic basket? Must have been someone really thoughtful and good at picking out gifts.

    As for Colby's sippy cup/stuffed animal hurling, perhaps he is trying to tell you that he wants to be a professional athlete when he grows up? You should nurture this skill of his.

    And have you taught Clara the "Part of Your World" song yet? "I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see, wanna see 'em dancing..."

  7. This is interesting to me because their little personality traits are so similar to Jay and CK (boys being more independent, girls liking all things and more social, etc...) fun to compare! :)

  8. I love the picture of Colby with the picnic basket! He looks so happy! Also, loving the gate setup! I'm actually jealous because our floor plan doesn't really allow for any areas to be gated off and it sure would make things easier if I could contain GK!

  9. Sam was a determined little kid and one day, when he was about sixteen months old, he actually managed to peel apart some of the pages of a board book. I was so annoyed!

    Also Rachel pats my back when I'm giving her a hug and it still melts my heart.

    It's hard to believe these two are getting so big already! (I know, just what you wanted to hear, right?!)