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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sick day

Poor Colby didn't get any better yesterday. He was doing ok in the morning, but his fever went back up in the afternoon and he was pretty pitiful for the second half of the day. I ended up taking the whole day off of work, and that was actually the first full day I had spent alone with the twins in a really long time! 

In between attempting to stay on top of work e-mails and checking Colby's temperature, I managed to document a few of the more photo-worthy moments:

This one's for you, Aunt Nancie! Clara is still making great use of those teething balls you gave them for Christmas.

I know he looks depressed here, but he was actually feeling ok at this point. The look you see on his face is just him being entranced by the Nutrigrain bar. He shoved the whole thing in his mouth and didn't remove his fingers until he was finished polishing it off, much as he did with his birthday cupcake!

Clara typically demands a certain amount (all) of our attention, and I could tell she wasn't thrilled about how much attention Colby was getting in her place yesterday. It's tough being a twin, sister- trust me, I know! With that being the case, I was anxious for her to stay occupied and distracted whenever possible. Thank you, Noah and Buster, for providing 10 minutes of entertainment for her:

Meanwhile, I spent a fair amount of the afternoon doing this:

 And at one point, Clara fell and bumped her head, which resulted in this:

(Pardon all of my repetitive and depressing selfies.)

That fun "lay our heads on mommy's shoulders and intermittently wail" session also resulted in a text message to Daddy asking him to please hurry home!

Clara cheered up pretty quickly, and in an effort to cheer up her brother (who are we kidding, she just didn't want to be left out), she came back a few minutes later and laid her head on his back. Clara and I thought it was pretty sweet, but you can tell from Colby's expression that he was not quite as amused… oops.

Brian made it home a little earlier than normal and just in time to provide and extra set of hands. Clara was quite pleased to have someone to play with her and Colby was quite pleased to have my shoulder to himself- ha!

We're hoping our poor little guy wakes up feeling better and with no fever this morning- prayers appreciated! Prayers also appreciated for Brian as he tackles the twinks solo this morning while I'm at work :) (This, by the way, will be the first morning in the twins' life that they have woken up without me being there… sniff sniff.)


  1. Sounds like you did pretty well for your first solo day in awhile! Hopefully the babies will be equal parts sad and equal parts totally fine when they wake up and you're not there. Those dumb viruses always take about 3 days to get out of Davis's system, so if Colby is the same, he should be good as new for the weekend!

  2. Okay, I want to know how you managed a selfie while holding both kids?! Impressive!!!

    And I hope everyone feels better very soon.

  3. Ok so I am really hoping and praying that Colby did not catch any of Clara's leftover germs from her strep throat episode. The DR said we were ok to have the bday party since she would have been on antibiotics for several days, and she was, and she was fever free for a few days, but I am still worried that it was from our house!!!

  4. Oh my goodness- this pictures of Clara with the dogs are adorable!!

  5. Poor Colby!! :( I hope Brian's morning went well and that Colby is feeling better!

  6. Aww man, sick babies are the SADDEST! And I had to laugh at Clara's whole "left out" thing. It must be a twin thing. Mine are constantly battling each other for my undivided attention. One could be playing happily and if she sees me pick up the other she runs over screaming! Oh twin life!! How tragic for them ;)