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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It wouldn't be a proper Mother's Day post without referencing vomit!

Before there was Mother's Day, there was a night full of vomiting. Last Tuesday, we heard an unusual sound over the monitor and tuned in to see a few piles of barf next to Clara in her crib. We went in to get her and she looked very disoriented… I guess I would be too if I woke up covered in my own throw-up (how many different terms can I use for "vomit" in this post?).

We put her in the bath, thinking it was a one-time event, and wrapped her up in a towel to dry her off. And then came round 2. And then round 3. And on and it on it went through round eleventy billion for the next 4+ hours. It was a really special evening (meanwhile, Colby slept peacefully and cluelessly through the whole thing)!

Thankfully, she was feeling a million times better the next morning. I stayed home with them for the morning while Brian went into work, and was once again reminded how unbelievably hard it is to be a mom without having any help around (I'm looking at you, SAHMs!). I think the highlight was when I finished changing Clara's diaper and turned around for a split second just in time for her to dive head first off of the changing table. After I got her calmed down, I came back into the room where Colby was playing to find he had removed the top from his (full) snack cup and flung his Cheerios all over the floor.

In much better spirits, and even attempting breakfast!

Relatedly, that little stint also reminded me how disgusting being a mom is. During her vomit fest, Clara would shove her fist into her mouth immediately after vomiting and then wave it wildly in my face, often times sticking it right in my mouth. And then I got to spend the morning with Colby using me as a human Kleenex. So glamorous.

Hanging with Colby and his monkey-toed jammies

Clara stayed on the mend and we were relieved that Colby managed not to catch it, but when Friday rolled around, it was clear that Brian was not so lucky. He was supposed to help me take them to their follow-up bloodwork appointment (to check their iron levels), but was in no shape to do so, so I bravely went alone.

Isn't she ladylike?

There was a lot of screaming (in unison) (from them, not me) (but I was tempted to join them), but we made it out in one piece. Both of their iron levels have gone up, so the good news is that the iron drops- disgusting though they may smell and taste- are working. And surprisingly, we found out that Clara is now out-weighing Colby! She tipped the scale at 20 pounds, 3 ounces, and he was right behind her at 20 pounds even. I was confused by this considering how much food this kid has been shoving in his face lately (namely BBQ whenever he can get his hands on it) and considering how much she threw up just a couple of days before, but then I remembered that she is downing 12-16 ounces of whole milk/day while homeboy is still just drinking water.

We left the appointment and went back to daycare to kick off Mother's Day weekend with a Mother's Day tea. It was fun to get to hang out with some of the other mommies from their class (especially since 3 of them are my co-workers!), but as any of you moms of multiples can relate, it is not easy to handle situations like that solo. They were both tired and cranky and squirmy and both constantly wanting to be held, which isn't easy when you only have one set of arms.

Instagram repeat… sorry

Fortunately Brian was feeling better on Saturday, so we were able to spend the rest of the weekend with two fully functioning adults to chase these little rug rats around:

We ran errands, went to a birthday party, went out for Mother's Day lunch (which lasted all of 20 minutes, thanks to C&C!), did a little shopping, went on a few walks, and spent plenty of time playing. Nothing monumental, but a very typical weekend in the life of a mom, so I'll take it! Oh, and Colby and Clara gifted me with a gift certificate for a massage and a pedicure, along with a vase full of tulips, so that didn't hurt either ;)


  1. Poor Clara. . . geez. It is just awful when they are sick like that. So glad Colby made it out ok! I'm thinking after all that vomit you deserve to use that pedicure and massage right about now!

  2. Mmmmm baby vomit. Fun!! Glad she's feeling better and I'm super impressed that she's outweighing Colby!!

  3. When Austin was maybe 12 he threw up from the top bunk bed-he was trying to get down the ladder- multiple times. Managed to hit all four walls in his large room. Honestly I walked in, gagged, and SERIOUSLY considered just closing the door and hiring someone to come clean up. Except it was a Friday night/Saturday morning event and we probably would have had to sell the house if we had waited. Didn't help that he had a teen boy's appetite at the time so he had plenty of ammunition. Still ranks as one of the worst WORST mommy events I have experienced. Can't imagine if that had been multiplied by two kids. (Although everyone else did get sick one by one.....)

  4. We were hit with the stomach bug last week...THE WORST! Glad everyone is feeling better. How come I don't look as cute as Clara when I have been throwing up?

  5. Davis would like to formally apologize for the role he played in making the hole in the toe of those jammies. Also, I'm glad the weekend ended up being way better than it initially looked on Friday afternoon!

  6. You know, if I consistently had a strap in between my legs, I think I'd be trying to fix that too! Glad she's feeling better... it sounds awful, but she was certainly smiley in the midst of the vomit madness!

  7. Smart babies to give you such a great Mother's Day gift! :)

  8. Okay I was fine until you wrote that Clara would stick her fist in your mouth after she threw up and then I just about puked. Ewwww.

    Isn't parenting fun?!?!?