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Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun with and without the babies

Even though Colby appeared to feel a million times better on Friday (and no longer had a fever), he woke up on Saturday completely out of sorts. I don't know if he was still not feeling great or if he just woke up on the wrong side of the crib, but he was offended by anything and everything we did.

He pretty much cried/whined on and off for the duration of Saturday morning, and much like a soldier with PTSD, I was having disturbing flashbacks to the newborn days when he would cry incessantly and I would long to throw myself off of the roof just to escape the sound (I'm kidding) (sort of).

So it's safe to say that the timing couldn't have been better for our first overnight trip away from the twins that evening. It was as if God was making it so appealing to us to leave that we wouldn't be as sad about leaving them. And it worked.

Don't get me wrong, we missed "the littles" and somehow everything we saw/did/ate made us think of them ("What do you think Colby's walk-out song would be if he was a professional baseball player?" "Wouldn't it be fun to watch Clara throw this popcorn all over the people in front of us?" etc.), but we were thankful for the break, and very appreciative of Brian's family taking care of them while we were gone!

We lucked out with great weather for the Astros game (and my albino skin lucked out by seeing the sun for the first time in 800 years), and miraculously, they even won! We enjoyed a peaceful child-free dinner at Gloria's where no one threw drinks on the ground or acted completely offended when offered the same food they had just demanded to be given 5 seconds prior.

The restaurant was in downtown Houston and as such, most of the people eating there were part of the normal downtown crowd, which means Brian and I basically didn't fit in at all. We were too old, too married, too straight, and too responsible for 2 small children to fit the mold. It provided for some interesting people-watching, however, and I was too busy trying to figure out a discrete way to drink the black bean dip with a straw to care about how out of place we were. (Ok I didn't really do that, but I totally would. It's that amazing.)

Our hotel was great and although the decor was nice, shower was fancy, etc., the most important thing I can note about our stay there was that we slept for 9.5 hours without any interruptions. And when we woke up, no one was crying or needing a diaper change. 

We enjoyed another peaceful breakfast before heading back to the house to reunite with the gremlins. Yesterday was spent doing several million loads of laundry, checking out a house (we're thinking about moving into Sugar Land), and hanging out in the baby pool/backyard with the twins' best pal, Hayes. 

It was a wonderful weekend indeed… next up: Memorial Day weekend with the Olivers!


  1. Colby really is looking like Brown these days, especially in that picture of you holding the 2 of them! I also love the last pic and the way it showcases Clara's svelte figure. Glad y'all had some good baby-free time and then had some good baby-full time over the weekend!

  2. So glad you got a much needed parental night off and yay for 9.5 hours of sleep!!

    SO EXCITED that y'all might be moving a tad bit closer to our area!! What area was the house in where you looked?

  3. LOLing at Clara's huge diaper sticking up over her bikini bottoms. That is hilarious. Sounds like an awesome getaway!! But I'm going to have to vote no on the move. I only JUST got to see your house in person and now I can more accurately picture you in your surroundings. If you move it will be really confusing for me. So, thanks for taking that into account!

  4. Yay for baseball games, the sun, and a full night's sleep! This sounds like almost the perfect weekend. Except for Colby's Saturday whining/crying.

  5. I am so glad you had such a great weekend! Also, I can't get over Clara's leg rolls in the last picture! PRECIOUS!

  6. Sounds like a great night away!!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! And you should move to Sugar Land!! That would be so fun! Yay! Where are you thinking of moving there?