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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For a good laugh

I don't have anything really interesting to share today, but I do have an article that is a must read for anyone with a sense of humor. A big thanks to my pal, Kristen, for sending this my way- I was laughing so hard that I cried when I read it, which rarely happens!

How to Raise a Perfect Child

I wanted to include some of my favorite lines, but there were seriously too many to pick from, so please just go read the whole thing.


  1. I think the bit about being "predisposed to buying in gated communities" was my favorite!

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaa that is the best thing EVER!!! I liked the line about being around people with different accents, lest your baby be confused and stressed that you got kidnapped!! This is priceless, thanks for sharing!

  3. Ha! Some more parenting words of wisdom - "vaccines." love it.

  4. I love the line that says one should not swear when breastfeeding!!! That is awesome.