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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Celebrating Brian (aka: the day in which I consumed zero fruits/vegetables)

So Brian had a birthday! And as usual, I've been too busy trying to keep my head above water with working and parenting to sit down and blog about it :)

He at least pretended to enjoy himself for the day, so I'm going to take that to mean his 31st birthday was a success. The weather was perfect, thankfully, so we started the morning off with french toast muffins and a walk to the coffee shop in our neighborhood. They enjoyed it more than Colby's expression suggests:

Wouldn't it be nice if going to the coffee shop in your pajamas as an adult was still considered cute?

The twins also helped Brian open presents before their morning nap. Surprisingly, he wasn't as excited about the tissue paper as they were and they weren't as excited about his new tools and polo shirt as he was. Not pictured: my gift to Brian which is a night away in a couple of weeks, complete with tickets to an Astros game and a hotel stay!

For lunch, Brian's mom and sister graciously watched the rugrats while escaped for some adult socialization. There's a local brewery in Katy called No Label that has tours/tastings from 12-3 pm on Saturdays. For $5, you get 4 beer tastings (or in Brian's case since his wifey thinks beer tastes like pee, 8 tastings) (don't worry, he didn't use all 8) and admission to the brewery, where they have live music, food trucks, and an outdoor area to hang out. It was sort of like tailgating at a brewery, if that makes sense? 

Anyway, it was a lot of fun (especially thanks to the perfect weather) and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area. It's even family and pet friendly, so the kiddos and pups can tag along if you're feeling brave.

Me with the birthday boy- color coordinating is fun!

With some of my favorite peeps: Katie, Kristen, me, Brittany

And our (blurry) counterparts inside the brewery: Chris, Brian, Bryan, and Stephen

We spent the afternoon hanging out with Brian's family and finished off the evening with dinner at one of Brian's favorite places (admittedly one of my least favorite places, sadly): Ragin' Cajun. In case I haven't declared this publicly, I am not a fan of sea food. And I am definitely not a fan of crawfish. Brian, however, is a big fan of both, and mercifully does not make me go to sea food/crawfish restaurants on a regular basis.

His birthday is, of course, the exception, and even though I was not a great sport about it this year, I'm still glad he got to enjoy one of his favorite meals. (In my defense, I anticipated that our squirmy children would start to get squirmy and he would be too covered in crawfish goo to help me deal with them… and I was correct. Thankfully his crawfish-hating sister came to my rescue!)

Colby & Clara with their Granddaddy

Clara with her cute Auntie Shannon

We made it home for bath/bedtime for the twins (during which Clara pooped in the tub for the 2nd weekend in a row… sweet birthday "present" for Daddy, right?) and birthday dessert with Brian's fam. Dessert consisted of fancy box mix brownies and Bluebell ice cream, for those of you that were curious.

We really did have a fun day celebrating the birthday boy and appreciate everyone that helped us do so. Looking forward to Mother's Day this weekend and then ringing in the big 3-1 with Allison at the end of the month- May is my favorite!


  1. I am going to have to plan a date with Brandon to that brewery. I wonder if he has heard of it??? He would totally love something like that. (I am with you that beer = pee, but would still be fun). So thanks for that idea!

    Glad Brian had a great birthday. :)

  2. Matt loves doing those brewery tours, too. He would be all over that. So would I, since I have matured and no longer think beer tastes like pee. ;) Sounds like an awesome celebration, PLUS you look super ultra cute in that striped dress!

  3. Glad that Bri had a good b-day!! And I'm confident his new tools were the best part.

  4. Sounds like fun...maybe you should continue the trend of no fruits/veggies for the whole month?! And this is random...I actually went to HS with one of the owners of No Label!

  5. You are so great at planning special birthdays for Brian! I stink at that. Hooray for the month of May!

  6. Dave would love the beer place. I tried to eat crawfish in Kaikoura in New Zealand and the fact that they showed up with the EYES and HEADS and WHISKERS attached in my seafood chowder totally turned me off of them. Yuck.