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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Always something (plus some first steps!)

When I say, "it's always something," I don't mean to sound all woe-is-me… I literally mean that with children in the mix, it seems like there is quite literally always something throwing a wrench in our normal routine. Being that I love change and inconsistency so much, I handle this gracefully and with great ease, as you might imagine :)

The daycare called me during lunch yesterday to let me know that poor Colby had a high fever and was not feeling so great. Since Brian and I carpool to work (and he drives), he had to leave to come pick them up. I work across the street from the daycare, though, so I walked over there to check on my little guy and keep him company while we waited for daddy to come to the rescue.

He was pretty pitiful and just sat with me in the rocking chair resting his head on my shoulder (and collecting an impressive puddle of drool). Meanwhile, Clara could not have cared less that I was there, which is amusing considering how attached at my hip she is at home lately.

She was busy eating her lunch and it was fun to observe her in her normal environment for a bit, but it was pretty aggravating to see just how WELL-BEHAVED AND COOPERATIVE she was being about the whole thing. She did not throw her sippy cup on the ground once. Not one time. She just happily ate her food and gulped her milk, pausing occasionally to smile and wave at her teachers.

That child. She might be the death of me, but she sure is cute, and I'm glad she knows how to act like a polite little girl (rather than a wild monkey) sometimes. While I was there, the teachers did, however, share with me about how, um, "assertive" Clara is at school. They were hesitant to rat her out, but it sounds like my little sassy pants doesn't take crap from the other kids and isn't afraid to fight for what she wants… or what she strongly believes belongs to her and her alone. And yes, I'm as shocked as you are that I'm the mother of an assertive, territorial, and at times confrontational child.

I digress. Brian took Colby (and his tagalong sis) to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. And at that point, just 1.5 hours later, his fever was back down, so most likely he just has a (hopefully short-lived) virus. The daycare has a 24-hour fever-free rule, so I'll be at home with the twins today until at least lunchtime. Relatedly, if anyone wants to volunteer to be our standby nanny for days like this, we would gladly take you up on the offer!

And in more exciting news, the twins have now both officially taken their first steps! They are definitely not ready to walk on their own yet, but they've made great progress. Which is amusing, considering just a few weeks ago I was obsessing about how they would never learn how to walk. 

Anyway, enjoy:

1. I love how she raises her arms in the air before she starts, as if she's preparing for a complex gymnastics routine.
2. Don't judge us for laughing when our children fall over like chopped-down trees.

So I guess it's safe to say that "it's always something," doesn't necessarily mean it's always something bad, because this whole watching the babies learn to walk thing is pretty darn entertaining! 


Brittnie said...

Way to go C&C! Watching them learn to walk is super cute.

Hope Colby is back to feeling like his normal self again ASAP!

Erika said...

Hahaha, chopped-down trees indeed!! That is super accurate and totally judgment from me!

the blogivers said...

Just noticed Colby was wearing my favorite little train outfit of Davis's in the video of Clara being tree chopped! Hopefully he can use his new walking skillz to help him kick the virus quickly!

NN Bartley said...

In elementary school when the kids would sleepover I would always be amazed and astounded when the other kids' parents would say "Your child has such lovely manners. So polite."
My heathens?
The ones who STILL think the request/command "PUt your napkin in your lap." Is an affront to their civil rights?
They always behave for other people... Which is a relief.
But why o why can't they behave for us, too?
And soon I will be available for last minute baby wrangling...

LittleMissCupcake said...

Awww, Colby's face. Gosh, those videos brought tears to my eyes. That's pretty amazing to see they're starting to walk already!

Brittany Sciba said...

Those videos are so cute!! Go C&C! I am glad that they are both feeling better!

Monica H. said...

My son not only eats lunch like a civilized human at school, he is quiet and still for his diaper changes. That happens at home exactly never...

Natasha said...

Way to go Colby and Clara on the walking thing!!! Whoo hooo!!!

Also, if I lived closer (and knew you IRL), I would totally be your back-up nanny for days like this. I do it for my friends here on a regular basis :)

And yes, with parenting (and I imagine especially with parenting TWINS), there is "always something" happening. And being a schedule-loving person like you, I completely get how frustrating it is when plans change at the last second.

And I'm not trying to say that plans/schedules are more important than kids, it's just hard to be flexible. At least for me it is. I don't usually (ever?) do it graciously.

Aubrey said...

So cute!! Yay for walking babies!!

Courtney Squillante said...

So fun!!! And that assertive nature will serve her well- you know she won't be a doormat!

Leah said...

It seems so wrong that kiddos will behave so well for their teachers and not for their mommies!