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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A memorial to Memorial Day

On Memorial Day weekend last year, the twins were 7 weeks old, and we bravely made a roundtrip to Dallas to introduce them to friends and family there. I remember enjoying the weekend, but I also remember being sleep-deprived and crying at one point because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner.

Needless to say, this year the holiday weekend looked a little different! The twins blissfully slept 12 hours each night and I managed to make all decisions regarding meals without shedding a single tear. Oh the difference a year makes!
Memorial Day 2013 vs. Memorial Day 2014

The Olivers came for a quick visit (it's never long enough!), and as usual, fancy pants Allison took all of the pictures with her fancy pants camera, so be sure to check out her blog for better-than-iphone-quality pictures.

The twins had a lot of fun playing with their older cousin, Davis, and did not inflict any permanent damage upon their younger cousin, Avery, so I would call the weekend a success. But with 4 adults and 4 kids aged 3 and under in the house, it's safe to say there was never a dull (or quiet) moment!

And while all of the little ones are missing the fun of having cousins around to play with, I'm missing the fun of having my sister around to indulge in stuffing our faces with me and then go on walks to burn it off. Maybe one day we'll live in the same city and all will once again be right with the world.

Anyway, enough dreaming. Let's take a look at some of the pics:

One of the twins' friends from daycare gave them this inflatable ball pit for their birthday and it has been a big hit with them. Not surprisingly, it was a big hit with Davis, too!

Brian, Colby, Clara, and I have a weekend tradition of walking to the coffee shop at the front of our neighborhood, so we dragged the Olivers along on Sunday morning. Sadly, this selfie with Colby is the only proof I have:

(He was lusting after Davis's kolache, hence the finger-chewing.)

 Clara was enamored with the puzzle piece box her Uncle Wade created, and was very proud of herself for climbing on top of it without any help!

Speaking of Clara, she found herself a new friend this weekend! She was constantly climbing on Allison and snuggling on her shoulder, which she rarely, if ever, does with us. Brian said that basically to Clara, Allison is like mommy except she never tells her 'no' or makes her stop playing to have her diaper changed. Hence the appeal!

We grilled out and busted out the baby pools on Sunday evening, which turned out to be a good decision given the horrendous weather on Memorial Day.

 Love Clara's face here...

She's our messy little misses!

The Olivers left late on Monday morning and after a few quick errands, we were rained in at home for the rest of the day. This would have been much more bearable had Colby not decided to sabotage his afternoon nap, thereby sabotaging his sister's afternoon nap as well. It was a loooong afternoon and evening, which resulted in early bedtime for the twins and an extra piece of dessert for me/extra beer for Brian.

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and don't embarrass yourselves by referring to today as Monday too often!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Love Clara's smile in that last pic!

  2. OMG, I thought it was Monday for a second when I woke up and now I'm embarrassed.

    Thanks for hosting us for a fun weekend! And hopefully my new bestie won't be too sad until she sees me again this weekend!

  3. Looove Clara's adorable bathing suit!! I spent most of the weekend selecting bathing suits for my niece, so I can appreciate a good one when I see it. Also, Clara has the exact same four (front) teeth situation as Carley does, including the gap between the top two. So Clara is like a DOUBLE TWINSIE. Amazing.

  4. Okay, that picture of Clara snuggling with Allison is adorable :) Such sweetness!

    And I might have shed a tear or two about dinner last night. And we weren't even having a holiday!

  5. Fun weekend!! I wonder if Clara thought your sis was her mommy because you look so much alike?! I always have wondered that about twins' kids :)

  6. It's amazing how much they change in just one year! Loved seeing y'all this weekend! :)

  7. Seriously, you have the cutest little family! I love the ball pit and little swimming pool- what a fun weekend!

  8. Zoe loves her aunt like that too...I think she prefers her over me. For real.

  9. Love the Allison and Clara picture!

  10. I want to be your friend.. like in real life ..Real life means I'll be in that kiddy pool eating hot dogs with your babes. Because thats not weird or anything.. :) I have a slight family crush on you guys!