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Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 things you should know about the (other) birthday girl

31 years later, our golden birthday has finally arrived! Although not as sweet as the post Allison wrote for me yesterday, I hope you'll be equally entertained by the one I've written in her honor for today. Allow me to share with you 10 things you might not know about the (other) birthday girl:

1. She cried when the calf almost drowned in the movie, City Slickers.

2. She has a very particular system of loading dishes into her dishwasher, and if you mess it up, you will be corrected (and likely chastised).

3. I used to refer to her as "the memory Nazi," because she would always ask me if I remembered something in particular from our childhood, and if I didn't, she insisted that I was "wrong" for not remembering and badgered me into at least pretending to remember.

4. I also used to refer to her as "Wicky the Magic Doughboy," and she referred to me as "Corky Snuffy Barrelmaker," for reasons I cannot recall, but with nicknames that awesome, does the reason even matter?!

5. She probably listened to the song "Torn" on repeat no less than 7,000 times in high school.

6. I cried when the hairdresser put her veil on her before her wedding, at which point she laughed at and made fun of me. Though it sort of surprises me that it turned out this way, I am usually the more sentimental of the two of us.

7. She is very smart, efficient, and reliable, and even though she is great at her current job (staying at home with Davis and Avery), I often wonder what kind of great job she would have if she had stayed in the workforce. And I secretly wish she worked with me so that we could hang out all the time and enjoy being type A together.

8. She decided to go to A&M before I did, and was not very pleased when I informed her I would be joining her. Thankfully her tune changed when she realized I would be a helpful tutor ;)!

9. Before we both stopped drinking soft drinks, she was a big Dr. Pepper drinker. She has, as you all well know, since traded Dr. Peppers for frappuccinos!

10. On our 16th birthday, she came into my room with her underwear on over her clothes dancing to "The Thong Song." I can only hope she'll do the same again this year!

Happy 31st birthday, sissy! I love you!


  1. 1. It was SAD and you know it!
    2. Because it's the right way to do it.
    3. Not my fault your memory is deficient.
    4. Agreed, the reason is not important.
    5. I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel...
    6. You big sap.
    7. I would probably still be working in a position for which I was overqualified and complaining about it :D
    8. Thanks for not pointing out my memory tactics from our world history class.
    9. Mmm... frappuccino...
    10. Guess you'll have to find out!

    Thanks for the great post, sis! HBD!!!

  2. Now. Are y'all identical twins or just fraternal twins? Do you have the same birthday? What's the age difference? If one of you were a boy, you'd still be identical twins, right?
    Happy happy birthday to my favorite identical twin nieces!!

  3. Man. I'm super sad there's not video footage of #10. And we're not supposed to guess who is who in the baby picture?? Because I'm up for it. After great thought, I'm going to guess that you're on the right and Allison's on the left. This is based on the fact that the right baby looks kinda like Colby. SCIENCE.

  4. Great post! I agree with Erika… Colby looks a lot like you as a baby!!

  5. #5 - HA! I am having flashbacks to high school. Happy bday to both of you!!

  6. I think you have a pretty awesome sister too!!! After all, if you're twins you must be exactly the same in every single thing, right?!?!?!

  7. oh my goodness!!! The baby on the left (you?) looks JUST JUST like Colby!!! That's crazy because I haven't ever had that thought before! Isn't having a twin fun? My sister cried at every single wedding event I had, she was in a full out, undeniable depression and wasn't afraid to hide it. :)

  8. Yay for sisters and birthdays!