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Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring has sprung

9 days later and I think we have finally recovered from the twins' birthday! I think I was mostly running on fumes and leftover birthday cupcakes last week, which might explain why I slept for 9.5 hours on Saturday night and still had a hard time rolling out of bed the next morning.

Before I move on to new topics, it is worth mentioning that for the first (and probably last) time ever, a reader asked where my outfit that I wore at the birthday party was from. I couldn't e-mail her directly and I didn't want to deny the rest of you this important information, so here goes:

*What's funny is that my mom bought these for me… so technically they are her daughter's jeans.

Moving along, it was nice to have a "free" weekend that did not consist of cutting out banner flags, painting wooden letters, or bundling pieces of chalk together. Those of you who know me, however, will not be surprised to learn that I took advantage of said "free" weekend by crossing off as many items on my ridiculous-but-necessary to do list as possible. 

Ridiculous-but-necessary To Do List:
- update baby books with latest milestones & monthly updates (Relatedly, does anyone else feel like they need to be an actual dentist in order to fill out the chart of when each tooth comes in? How the crap am I supposed to know the difference between a central incisor and a cuspid?!)
- take pictures of the babies in the bluebonnets
- visit the Easter Bunny
- upload the 800 thousand pictures we've taken in the past month onto Shutterfly

Thankfully the bluebonnet pictures went well, minus the fact that the ugly brown towel we brought for them to sit on showed up in every picture:

This was the first pic we took and it ended up being the best! Just love these smiley little nuggets.

In a rare turn of events, Colby was actually being the more enthusiastic of the two...

I wish arm fat rolls were that cute on adults!

Just wanted to showcase Clara's special wispy hair here.

Our friends, the Cruikshanks, joined us and even took some family pics for us:

Can you tell it was bright outside?

Unfortunately the twins' best buddy, Hayes, was not as excited about cooperating for pictures as they were (which is rare, because this is the most easygoing kid you will ever meet):

Love this pic of my little guy standing with his daddy:

Clara looking like a disheveled mess, as usual:

And had to share this shot of Hayes after he jacked Clara's snack cup and had basically given up on life for the morning:

To maintain the weekend's theme of cliche Spring activities, we decided to take a visit to the Easter Bunny on Sunday, which ended up being about as unenjoyable as expected one week before Easter (long line, slow service, antsy babies). Nonetheless, we persevered and ended up with this gem:

Happy (?) Easter from Colby & Clara!


the blogivers said...

Look at all those pictures of the cute little nugs! I'm glad they cooperated for the bluebonnets and the bunny!

Brittnie said...

Love the bluebonnet pictures! Cute babies and cute family!

Erika said...

Love the bluebonnet pictures! It's really unfair that we don't get bluebonnets in Georgia. Ugh. Also, you are wearing the same dress that you wore in your newborn photos last year. Soooo embarrassing...wearing a dress (at least) a season old?? Ugh, how do you live like that?? ;)

Nikki Miller said...

Pictures with no tears = sucess

Leah said...

LOVE the bluebonnet pics. and btw, kids bday parties wear me out too. totally

Brittany Sciba said...

Glad you had a productive weekend! The pictures are beautiful! Love their outfits!! :)

Courtney Squillante said...

Love all the precious pictures!! And their darling outfits!!

Anonymous said...

You have some cute babies. But ugly blog friends(Erika). Calling you out like that about your wardrobe? That is just RUDE!

Natasha said...

These bluebonnets pictures almost make me want to move to Texas. They are so amazing!!!