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Saturday, April 5, 2014

One year

(Be sure to press play on the song above to get the full effect of the sappiness:)

Dear Colby and Clara, 

I'm not sure why, but writing yesterday that you are "twelve months old" seems so much different to me than saying today that you are "one year old." To recognize that an entire year has passed since you made your debut seems impossible.

This year has been the hardest of my life. It has been the most exhausting, the most humbling, the most convicting, and the most unpredictable. But it has also, by far, been the most wonderful year of my life. The most joyful, the most rewarding, the most refining, and the most fulfilling.

I know this year has been the hardest of your lives, too, and not just because it has been the only year of your lives :) Life was a little rough for all 4 of us at first, but once you got your days and nights sorted out and decided that sleeping for long periods of time wasn't so terrible, I think we all hit our stride.

I can't tell you how much joy it has brought your daddy and me to watch you two grow from the tiny little 5+pound nuggets that you were at birth to the two little soon-to-be-toddlers that you are today. You have taught us what it means to sacrifice and what it means to really love, and we are so very thankful that God picked us to be your parents.

Colby, you are our tough little guy man and as we often tell you, the best little "tryer" we know. A lot of things didn't come easy to you at first- sleeping, eating, and being awake without being upset about something, to name a few. But with a little help and a lot of patience, you have made great progress in all those areas and are our sweet and smiley little guy! 

You are tender-hearted, determined, loyal, deliberate, and thoughtful. You are an introvert at heart and although you don't easily let people in, you love the people that you do let in very much. We pray that you use that discernment throughout your life in the relationships that come your way.

Clara, you are our messy little misses and always good for a laugh. We joke that it took a little while for you to "wake up" and realize you were alive after you made your arrival, but once you did, you have been full of non-stop energy ever since!

You are joyful, curious, adventurous, outgoing, and sweet. You are a textbook extrovert and very much a people person! We pray that you will always be as kind to others as you are now.

Babies, we just love you both to pieces and hope that the rest of your years of life find you as happy as you have made us in this first year! Happy 1st birthday, Colby and Clara- I love you!

Lots of love,


the blogivers said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, COLBY & CLARA!!! Feels like just yesterday I was barfing up my Chick-fil-A in front of the hospital to come visit you. Precious memories... can't wait to see you soon and give you birthday squeezes!

Mrs. G said...

I have soon to be 9 month old twin girls and this post made me tear up. I can't believe how fast time is going!

Risa said...

So sweet!!! Love the notes to both and insights into their little personalities. Praising God for their life today!

Aubrey said...

Happy birthday babies!!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Colby and Clara! Such a sweet post, Mama. Although I will admit that I didn't play the song because, you know, I'm already hormonal and emotional as it is right now.

Amanda McD said...

Happy birthday, Colby and Clara! And congrats Mama!

Natasha said...

Awwww... :) Even though I'm late to the party, I really hope Colby and Clara had the best birthday ever!!! Since it was their only one, I'm sure it was the best ever :)