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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life and times of the Joiners

It's safe to say that recent weeks have brought about plenty of picture-worthy blogging material… the twins' birthday party, bluebonnets, Easter, etc. In between the photo opps, however, there has been plenty of real life going on as well. And although none of it has been catastrophic or even hugely significant, it has still felt like a lot at once and for my own benefit, I'm going to 
unload share what's going on with us:

- I realized I never shared their stats after their one year check-up, so here you go:
Weight: 19 lbs, 7 oz (20th percentile)
Length: 28.7" (11th percentile)
Head: 18.3" (59th percentile)

- At the same check-up, we also found out that he had an ear infection, which meant 10 days on antibiotics. Also at the same check-up, he had bloodwork done (which he handled like a champ!) that determined he was anemic. So now we are back to giving him a daily multivitamin drop with iron.

Thanks to the antibiotic and iron combo, he's had a lot going on in the diaper department which has resulted in an ongoing diaper rash. Special.

- He has been officially weaned, which has gone better for him than I anticipated, but he still has zero interest in milk. 

- He is standing on his own for limited periods of time and has attempted a step here and there, but is definitely not walking yet. I am a-ok with this most of the time, but occasionally I compare them to the other babies we know around their age that are already walking and start to worry that they're both "behind" (whatever that means).

- He yells. A lot. Especially at meal time. It is really frustrating and embarrassing (when there's an audience) and tests my patience like nothing else. I still can't figure out if our best response is to firmly tell him 'no' to get his attention, or just ignore him completely. Figuring out how to effectively discipline a one-year-old is really fun. And by 'fun,' I mean mind-numbingly aggravating.

- Minus the yelling, he really has become a laid back little boy. He doesn't cry unless he's hurt or really tired, and although he is still fond of showcasing his blank stare, has a smile on his face more often than not these days.

Weight: 19 lbs, 3 oz (39th percentile)
Length: 28.5" (24th percentile)
Head: 17.5" (37th percentile)

- At their check-up, we found out that Clara has a mild case of ringworm (just a small patch on her stomach). She also had bloodwork done (which was terrible and required a second finger prick, both of which took about 800 years and traumatized her) that determined she was anemic. So we are giving her a daily multivitamin with iron as well, but she hates it. So every day we are having to attempt a new way to give it to her that won't end in a meltdown. Suggestions welcome.

Again, thanks to the iron, she has had an ongoing diaper rash that even started to bleed at one point (gross, I know). 

- She, too, has been officially weaned and could not care less. She has definitely taken to milk and will gladly finish off any that Colby leaves behind (which is any that we offer him).

- She is not even close to walking and has the balance of a drunken sailor. Again, I know she'll get there, but I can't help but feel like we are doing something wrong that's keeping her from making more progress. I have the same insecurities about pretty much anything else that they don't do on time or ahead of schedule. I had it in my head that my children would be ahead of the curve on everything (because why wouldn't they?!) so it has been humbling to find out that they are humans that develop at their own pace and not robots. Who knew?

- She also has started yelling, although not as much. What she lacks in yelling, however, she makes up for in crying and tantrums. Throw in the fact that she has been teething (4 new ones in a matter of a few weeks!), and she is not quite as easygoing as she used to be!

- Her new favorite place to be is in our laps. If we're sitting around while they play with their toys, she will crawl to whoever's lap is available and spend most of her time there. Not gonna lie- it is pretty darn sweet.

- I will spare you my weight, length, and head circumference stats.

- I don't have any random illnesses or diaper rash, thankfully.

- I am officially done nursing and I have really been surprised about the whole process. Physically, it has been easier than I thought. A little discomfort with each dropped feeding, but nothing terrible. Emotionally, it has been a little harder than I thought. I hope you won't all think I'm crazy for admitting this, but I cried after I finished for the last time, and again the next night after putting them to bed. I think it's just hard coming to terms with the fact that they really aren't "babies" anymore and they aren't going to need me like they used to!

- I am relieved to report that my appetite (which was akin to that of Michael Phelps while training for the Olympics) has returned to normal. My eating habits have not completely returned to normal (I'm looking at you, Reese's Easter eggs), but they're getting there. And to compensate, I have started working out again. I am really out of shape and let's just say there are lots of parts that jiggle more than they used to. You're welcome for that visual. Let's also just say that I got out of breath during the first 60 seconds of the warm-up for The 30-Day Shred workout. 

- Other than allergies, no ailments for him these days either. Although his allergies can be somewhat detrimental because in case I haven't mentioned it, this guy sneezes in series of 4-5 sneezes at a time. Those of you that are married can probably relate to the fact that his sneezes make me irrationally irritated.

- I asked him if there's anything else I should include for his update, but he said there wasn't really anything to mention and that he's just keeping on keeping on. Which is the fundamental difference between him and me: if he has nothing going on, he keeps his mouth shut. If I have nothing going on, I will still find 8,000 words to write about it.

And on that note, I'll wrap this up. Thanks for indulging me and feel free to comment with the insignificant life happenings that are consuming YOUR brain today so I can return the favor!


Brittnie said...

Boo for random sickness and infections! I have zero advice about giving the vitamin D drops. Camille seriously thinks she might die whenever I give them. Total drama which = her coughing and gagging like the world is going to end. I can't really blame her b/c oh my goodness have you smelled those darn drops?? But still! :)

When do you have time to workout? Please enlighten me. Maybe it will help me stop making excuses for my lack of (intentionally planned) movement.

Love your update!

Amanda said...

I'm kind of bummed we didn't get your head circumference. Hope some calmer days are good for you and the babies. And good luck working out… I jiggle now and I still can't find motivation to care!

the blogivers said...

Yes, I'm bummed we didn't get your stats (or Brian's). Hopefully those are forthcoming in a future post.

I'm no expert, but I feel confident the yelling phase will pass... so I say do what you need to do in the situation, but try not to worry that it will be a forever problem.

Hopefully unloading/sharing made you feel a tad bit better!!

Erika said...

Ummm...obviously what the world needs is a blogger link-up where we all share our own head circumferences! How am I supposed to know if I'm normal, behind, or ahead of the curve?? Now I'm going to be paranoid about my maybe-too-small-or-too-big head all day. Glad to hear you're getting back together with Jillian. She's really bossy, but she knows her stuff.

Monica H. said...

Hi there, we've never met in real life, but I enjoy your blog! (And your sister's)

I can 100% relate to feeling like your child is behind if they aren't walking by a year. My son is 16 months and just started walking. Up to 18 months is normal - so Clara and Colby have lots of time!

We've had success with Boudreaux's Butt Paste in the red tube for severe diaper rash - the bleeding kind you mentioned. Also, we don't use soap in the tub when it's super bad and that seems to help too.

And I have a tip for the iron drops. The teensy newborn Medela bottles you pump into - we put medicine he hates in one of those with a small amount of something he loves (in our case, Gatorade. Mom of the Year here.) He thinks he's getting a treat and the miniature bottle is novel - so it usually works!

Hope one of these ideas (or all of them) work for you! Thanks for keeping such a real-life blog. As a fellow working mom, I find myself nodding in agreement with you all the time!

Amanda McD said...

The NICU put the poly-vi-sol into the girls' bottles, I would assume you could do the same with a cup of milk, just ensuring she drinks the entire thing. Now that I say that I'm wondering if I could do the same with Madeline's Zantac??
Carter didn't walk until closer to 14 months and still doesn't say much verbally. I'm stressed but also remind myself of other areas where he's ahead of the curve and that usually calms me down. :)

Brittany Sciba said...

Boo for the ear infection/ringworm/being anemic. :( I wish I had tips to help with the medicine, but I don't! Also, even though it's hard not to, try not to stress about Colby screaming in public. I have FINALLY gotten over that for the most part because I remind myself that the majority of people in the restaurant/store had kids at some point or will have them at some point. :)

Anna Mary L Walker said...

In the hopes of making you feel better, I get irrationally irritated when my in-laws sneeze. They are sneeze like they are trying to blow down a house and it usually happens in multiples. My husband does it, but not as loud and because I married him (I guess) it doesn't bother me. However, I just spent Easter weekend with his family and pollen was messing all of us up. I had to close my eyes to keep from rolling them every time they sneezed. It really isn't nice of me...

Courtney Squillante said...

I am so in awe of you for nursing twins for a year. Seriously- that is amazing to me!!! And the fact that they are standing/balancing at a year is exactly where they should be! Do NOT even contemplate that they are behind! You are doing such a great job, momma! Keep it up!!!

Leah said...

You're hilarious! Btw, Henry didn't walk till he was 15 months old. Also, Sam was a public screamer... he is still loud, but he has stopped the attention-grabbing screams. There is hope!

kayla Agan said...

First of all, I must tell you that I know TONS of people with one year old who aren't even kind of considering walking. Second, I cried for about a week after I quit nursing. Third, you are doing awesome with them! My girls still take like 3-4 bottles a day because I am too lazy to rock the boat. Lastly, mine have both had a diaper rash for a month now and I cannot find the solution. We have our one year appointment tomorrow and I'm sure they are going to think I leave them in the same diaper all day!

Keep on keeping on girl! ;)

Julia said...

Try Floradiz Iron and Herbs. Its available in health food stores and on Amazon. It is kind of pricey but my twins were both anemic as well asd they did so well on the liquid form. It tastes like juice and was much esaier to get them to take it. Their anemia was gone three months later. Good luck!

Julia said...

Floradix, sorry.

Natasha said...

If you have liquid iron you could give it to them in juice. My kids didn't get juice at that age so they thought it was the best treat ever!

Also, neither of my kids walked until they were sixteen months but then they fell a lot less so that was a positive benefit.

And yes, can you share your head circumference please because I want to know if mine is normal? :)

ps. Your and Brian's updates made me laugh. Well, except for the ending nursing emotions obviously.