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Monday, March 3, 2014

I hate coming up with blog post titles

Thanks for everyone's input on our date location dilemma last week. The majority of you voted for Jupiter Pizza & Waffles, which is where we fully intended to go. However, en route to the restaurant, we called an audible and went to Churrasco's instead. The determining factor in our last minute change of plans? We were too hungry to wait for an appetizer/meals to come out and we knew Churrasco's would serve plantain chips as soon as we sat down. Instant gratification for the win!

We even had time to go get dessert before heading home, and even though I found the name of my ice cream combo highly irritating ("Better Batter Boogie Board"), Maggie Moo's turned out to be a good choice.

We are very appreciative of Aunt Shannon keeping the twins for us and giving us the opportunity to have some uninterrupted adult conversation. And speaking of adult conversation, Brian thoughtfully asked me during dinner what kind of hobbies I'd be interesting in taking up now that the twins are getting older and a little easier to leave for extended periods of time. My response? Get more pedicures. My aspirations know no bounds.

Other than our getaway on Saturday evening, it was a pretty normal weekend for us. We took the twins' monthly pictures (they'll turn 11 months on Wednesday!) and I once again considered googling "how to take monthly pictures of your baby without wanting to harm yourself or others." Seriously, are those pictures a massive pain in the butt for anyone else? They were no problem until the twins got to be about 6 months old and suddenly took an intense interest in (a) the stickers and (b) doing anything except looking at the camera and smiling. Nonetheless, we persevered and you'll see the results soon enough.

And speaking of those twins, just a few random thoughts to share:

- Colby has a very strong preference for starchy carbohydrates, and when a friend introduced us to the Gerber "lil' crunchies" recently, they were an instant hit for him. But can we call be honest and please just admit that these are basically Cheeto puffs?

- How cute is this little hood rat?

- We finally installed a baby gate last week! And by "we," I mean Brian. The twins aren't bothered by it and they actually seem to enjoy playing with it, even though this picture makes it look like they're in prison:

- And lastly, it totally doesn't bother me when people ask if Colby & Clara are twins when we're out in public, but these responses are too funny not to share:

(Considering I refer to my pump as "the third child," this isn't too far off from the truth ;)


Brittnie said...

Did you know that I worked at Maggie Moos in high cool? The sugar land location. Yep - was my first job. It was totally the hang out spot. . . like the diner on Saved By the Bell. . . except not nearly as cool as that.

I think I should also add pedicures to my list of hobbies so please, please let me know when you "need" to go get one.

Brittnie said...

*high school, not cool. . . lack of sleep for the win!

the blogivers said...

I miss Maggie Moo's! Glad y'all were able to have a much deserved night out. I'm disappointed you didn't go to the place I voted for, but I'll let it slide. Only if you give me some "lil crunchies."

Erika said...

Pedicures are a GREAT hobby! I really need to be more diligent in getting them myself. And those puffs totally look like Cheetos puffs...but I bet they charge 20x as much for the babyish (and tiny) container they come in!

Brittany Sciba said...

I am so glad that you and Brian got a fun night out! I agree that pedicures are a hobby! I love the picture of C&C behind the baby gate! :)

Susan said...

Personally like the second twin answer! Try it just once, please and let us know how it's received. ;)
Photo taking of squirmy, curious, and adorable babies is quite challenging, but we enjoy the results.

Aubrey said...

Ha! Twins comments are hilarious!

Natasha said...

When I am pushing my kids in the Chariot I get the "Are they twins?" question a lot. I want to answer, "Yes, I just gave birth to them two years apart." Seriously, people???

Amanda said...

I'm guessing mothers everywhere would frown if you fed your kids legitimate Cheetos puffs?!? It seems like a significant money saver and allows you to get a little snack at the same time! : )