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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Delayed baptism weekend recap

Assuming you are a reader of Allison's blog, you already read the recap she posted about the baptism on Monday. She definitely hit the highlights, but in the interest of pretending we aren't basically the same person, I will share a few points she didn't already cover:

- I spent the majority of the 4-hour drive to/from Dallas sitting in the backseat of the car with the babies. On the way there, I had to hang out in the back to keep Colby happy because his morning nap in the car only lasted 30 minutes. On the way home, I had to hang out in the back to keep Clara happy because her afternoon nap in the car only lasted 30 minutes. So sweet of them not to do it at the same time.

- Do not ever underestimate the amount of (a) diapers or (b) Cheerios to pack in the diaper bag. We learned both of these the hard way at the baptism. Thankfully there were no major crises as a result, but I was definitely kicking myself for poor planning (and wishful thinking).

- I am very thankful that this trip occurred prior to the end of my breastfeeding-twins "diet." I am not comfortable sharing the exact number of cookies I consumed throughout the weekend, but let's just say that it was in the double digits.

- I graciously shared a small bite of one of these amazing cookies with the twins. We also graciously shared a couple of blueberry donut holes with them. And we also graciously shared some chocolate chip bunny grahams with them. And we're also apparently going to graciously share adult-onset diabetes with them. (JK, obviously. I promise they really do generally eat pretty healthily... when they are in the mood to actually eat, that is.)

- Taking care of two almost-one-year-olds in non-baby-proofed settings is exhausting. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was sore from the weekend and I can assure you it was not from exercising.

- Taking two almost-one-year-olds out to restaurants is getting progressively less enjoyable.

- Getting to spend some concentrated time with my family (minus my brother) is great, but not living in the same town as any of them is a major bummer.

- And speaking of major bummers, having one of your dogs vomit heaping amounts of undigested dog food all over your breakfast room rug is not a really fun way to unwind from a weekend of traveling.

And now for a few pictures that Allison didn't already share with you (and one that she did):

Brian and Colby were coincidentally matching (ok it was completely on purpose) and it only seemed appropriate that Brian make the same unimpressed face as Colby. Please note Clara's expression in the background.

Now at least one of the boys is smiling... same blank stare from Colby. But more importantly, please note our little ham in the background. Couldn't you just eat her for breakfast?

Clara hanging out with her Granddaddy (Brian's dad)

And this is how you keep babies entertained in the congregational care office during an hour-long church service: give them a few bulletin inserts and let them go to town. Miraculously, their outfits were still white when we took pictures after letting them scoot around on the floor for an hour. Surely God intervened on that one.

This is the repeat pic. You can tell Colby & Clara are twins because they both have their hands in their mouths ;)

Love these peeps!


the blogivers said...

Yay baptism weekend! And yay for adult-onset diabetes! We should really get our babies baptized more often so we can have more weekends like that.

Brittnie said...

What a fun weekend! I love Clara's face in the background pic! And speaking of adult-onset diabetes. . . I def grabbed 2.5 huge cookies from the sample bins at Target, and let my Clara eat every last bite in order to keep her occupied while trying to get a little shopping done. Diabetes for the win!

Amanda McD said...

I wish my diet consisted solely of Clara...I could eat her up daily!
And I love the twins' outfits! Where did you find them? Currently looking for something for the girls' baptism this summer.

Erika said...

I love that Brian embraces twinsiness with the twins. That's heartwarming. What's not heartwarming is that I used to totally embrace/love expressions about eating up babies, etc. Totally cool with me. But then last week I saw a news headline (didn't read the was in the ATL paper so MAYBE it happened in Ga, or maybe somewhere else and they were just sharing it...I'm hoping it was somewhere far, far away) about a guy being arrested for BITING OFF A NEWBORN'S NOSE. And like...I just can't think about it the same anymore. I can only assume that guy is insanely messed up and copious amounts of meth were involved, but still. I'm scarred for life.

Natasha said...

Fun with family. The cuteness of Clara. The answered prayers of you and Allison getting to baptize Colby, Clara, and Avery together. There is just so much to comment on about this post that I am reduced to meaningless phrases.

And I totally get the exhaustion of watching kids in a house that isn't prepared for them.

Brittany Sciba said...

I love Colby and Brian in their matching purple! So cute! It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend for all!