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Monday, March 10, 2014


A few Monday morning confessions for you:

I overreacted (shocking) and lost my temper yesterday morning over something dumb (running out of eggs). As usual, Brian was the victim of my wrath, but rather than tell me to shove it (which I would have deserved), he went to the store to get some more eggs and brought me these:

He is, in fact, the greatest (and most patient) (and most forgiving).

I have never truly been "thrown off" by a time change until yesterday. I thought it would be no big deal… the babies woke up at 8:30 instead of 7:30 and I figured we'd just get back on track with their normal schedule at bedtime. Then bedtime rolled around and they were acting like patients that had recently escaped from a mental institution. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth and when they both finally went to sleep, I felt like I wanted to escape to a mental institution.

I am not going to miss pumping. At all. Not even a little bit. But I think I'm actually going to miss nursing a little… I'm blaming it on the my-babies-are-about-to-not-be-babies-anymore hormones.

As many of you saw on Facebook, we gave the babies their first taste of peanut butter this weekend. We also gave them their first taste of a cookie. Lest you judge us for "introducing" junk food so early, then you should know it was a Thin Mint, so at least we kept it classy.

My mind wandered off during the sermon at church on Saturday and I spent a solid 5 minutes planning the layout of the food table for the babies' birthday party in my head.

Speaking of church, we're getting the babies baptized in Dallas this weekend along with Avery (at the same church where Allison and I were baptized 31 years ago!). That's not the confession part though. The confession is that while I'm of course looking forward to the baptism and spending time with family, I'm most excited to have other people prepare meals and help entertain the babies for an entire weekend.

And speaking of meals, even though Colby really has gotten better about eating the food we give him, he is still pretty finicky and unpredictable, so it is not uncommon for an entire "meal" of his lately to consist of Cheerios and a mum mum. And that's if he's in the mood to eat the Cheerios. I know what you're thinking, and yes, nutrition abounds at the Joiner house.

And while I'm filling out our "Parents of the Year" application, let me go ahead and tell you that on Friday evening, we let Colby mouth the top of Brian's beer bottle while simultaneously letting Clara play with Mardi Gras beads while wearing her pants on her head.

And with that, my friends, I'll wish you a happy week ahead. Any confessions you'd like to share on this Monday morning?


Brittnie said...

Haha love these. . . can I just say that I am also mother of the year because I got SO VERY excited when Clara's MDO teachers told me she actually ate the chickfila nuggets they served last week. I mean. . . what mom gets excited that their kid actually eats fast food? Um this one. No shame.

the blogivers said...

I confess to watching multiple episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians yesterday, and topping that marathon off with watching the new polygamist show called My Five Wives.

Jaclyn said...

Sadly I watched the same shows as Allison last night. Also, I think those last two pictures display an excellent indoctrination to the not-so-babyhood stage. Gotta start sometime, right?

Erika said...

You can never start prepping for Mardi Gras too soon!! If only you had made their education more well-rounded by offering them some King Cake as well.

NN Bartley said...

We have a similar photo taken in Cozumel of Austin with a Corona bottle in his mouth.
You are doing great.
And if Clara makes it to one year without having her nails painted then you are doing better than me....

kayla Agan said...

Haha mine often have meals consisting of mum mums too! And on the topic of mum mums they usually have about 5 each (minimum) while we are at the grocery store and I've been know to just throw them on the floor so they will leave me alone while I'm cooking dinner! Mum mums to the rescue in our house often!! :)

Brittany Sciba said...

The picture of Clara and the beads is so funny!! Love these confessions. I also love that the babies are getting baptized at the same church that you and Allison were baptized AND that they are doing it at the same time as Avery! So special!

Natasha said...

I confess that sometimes my children eat a granola bar and and jellied fruit snacks for lunch. And I am still super excited when someone else cooks for us for a few days. That never ever gets old.