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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Would You Rather Wednesday: Date Edition

So I know I said I was steering clear of WYRW, but this week I need your assistance. Brian's sister has graciously agreed to babysit for us on Saturday evening so that we can go out to an early dinner before the twins' bedtime.

As you are likely aware, we don't get out much these days, so we'd like to go somewhere fun. We would also, however, like to go somewhere close by so as to maximize our time away and not spend half of it driving into town.

So with these things in mind, if you were us, would you rather go to dinner at:

Churrasco's (Latin American food)


Guru Burger (burgers + crepes)


Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co. (pizza + waffles, duh)?

Aaaaaaaaaaand GO.


the blogivers said...

I vote for the pizza & waffles!

Brittnie said...

Jupiter!! YUM :)

Shannon said...

burgers and crepes! love me a good crepe :)

Erika said...

Man, those are some weird combinations. Pizza and waffles are two of my favorite things ever, but together...??? However, the menu does look pretty tasty, so maybe they're on to something. I'd say pick whichever place has the shortest wait time so that you don't waste time being hungry and bored!

Natasha said...

It's a good thing I read Erika's comment because I didn't even realize you'd linked to the menus! Ha!

Anyways, after reading the menus I think you should go to Guru Burger and order a Big Shroom and express post it to me. Thanks!

And enjoy your date, wherever you end up going.

Susan said...

Jupiter Pizza and Waffles! Sounds like a perfect combo to me!

Amy said...

Pizza. Always pizza.

Ellen and Bill said...

Churrasco's is my favorite restaurant in Houston.

Jaclyn said...

Those are some seriously fun choices. I feel like you guys have all these fun restaurants near you that the other side of Houston is missing out on! Don't think I could pass up anywhere with pizza or waffles so the combo gets my vote. Have a great date night!