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Monday, February 3, 2014

This post brought to you by the Super Bowl

It was an exciting weekend at the Joiner house, that's for sure. Why, you ask? Well let's see:

1. Colby crawled for the first time! He is totally rocking the crab style and is pretty pleased with himself, as evidenced in the video we took on Friday (which Brian added music to, ha):

A few notes:
- Contrary to what Wade thought, no, this video was not filmed in slow motion.
- Contrary to what my friend, Kristen, thought, that baby he's crawling towards is a doll and not Clara.
- Clara hasn't officially joined the crawling club, but fear not, we're pretty sure she's right behind him!

2. All 4 of us wore matching attire on Saturday. (I know, Erika, pretty amazing, right? Twinsies squared? Quadrupletsies? I don't even know.) We really just did it for fun, although we did attend a friend's first birthday party so thankfully we had an opportunity to show ourselves off. Sadly, however, we did not get anyone to take a pic of all 4 of us.

Colby is not impressed.

And now Clara is not impressed. 

3. We took an impromptu trip to the grocery store on both Friday and Saturday evening. I really just wanted to point this out so everyone was aware of how wild and crazy our social lives are. At least we spiced things up a bit by going to Randall's one night and HEB the other.

4. I got together with some of my favorite local twin moms for breakfast on Saturday morning. This is the third time we've gotten together and I'm thankful for it every time we do! It's just nice to talk to other people that are also currently experiencing a similar kind of crazy. (It's also nice to have an excuse to eat cinnamon rolls, bagels, kolaches, fruit, donuts, and a casserole all in one sitting.)

I made this spinach and mozzarella egg bake and it turned out pretty tasty for anyone that's looking for a relatively easy breakfast option! 

5. The twins experienced their first Groundhog Day, their first Puppy Bowl, and their first Super Bowl all in one day yesterday. I know, that's a lot to handle in one day, and it was a little rough in the beginning (45-minute morning nap, I'm looking at you), but in the end, we survived (2-hour afternoon nap, I'm looking at you). We even survived the chaos of dinner/game-watching with 6 adults and 6 children under the age of 3!

6. This has nothing to do with the weekend, but I just uploaded this pic and wanted to share it. We moved the twins over to the big bathtub recently and it has proven to be quite a source of entertainment for them (and us).

(This also shows you how different their hair colors are.)

Remember how we gave them that inflatable duck tub for Christmas and planned to use it for the transition from their infant tubs? Well that didn't work out so well because they are TERRIFIED of the duck. Pretty sure based on the screaming/shaking that took place when we put them in it that they thought it was going to eat them alive. Poor, scared babies, and poor, lonely, unused duck.


Aubrey said...

Love Colby's crab crawl! They're getting so big!

the blogivers said...

1. You go, Colby Guy!
2. I wish you would have gotten someone to take a pic of all 4 of you - would have been a framer.
3. RWAC.
4. Thanks again for not inviting me, jerk.
5. We let Davis watch the Puppy Bowl while he ate dinner, but he was unimpressed.
6. Cute bath babies! (Also, reminds me that Davis came downstairs after his bath last night and I said, "It's HALFtime!" and he goes, "No no no, I just take a bath!")

Brittnie said...

Cute babies! Colby's crawl is adorable! Way to go C!

Lisa Barnette said...

Way to go Colby guy!! I will see you fancy crawl today. And yes watch out cause sister will be right behind you. LOL I love the ducky story.!!!

Erika said...

A family chambray picture?!?! I am beyond impressed. I'm pretty sure I could not convince Matt to wear a chambray shirt, so give Bri-Bri a high five for me (or I'll give it to him myself later this week!!). Also, please arrange to have all of those breakfast foods available for us, too. Thanks!!!

kayla Agan said...

I love how he claps for himself in the end!