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Monday, February 24, 2014

Things I really enjoy lately

- Not showering at least one day on the weekend. I have convinced myself that I've earned it by showering and looking presentable during the week at work. And with the number of times I wear my hair in a ponytail (and not in a cute, trendy one), I'm probably being a little generous by using the term "presentable."

- Eating everything in sight and then lamenting the fact that I've eaten everything in sight. And then to cheer myself up from all of the lamenting, I eat some more to make myself feel better. I should write a book about healthy eating habits and how to properly deal with one's emotions.

- Planning the twins' birthday party. I know I mentioned the other day that party-planning is "in full effect," but I don't know that I've adequately admitted to my obsession publicly. I spent more than 2 hours picking out bibs on etsy this weekend. Thankfully, I found some that are perfect from this shop, but that's 2+ hours of my life that I will never get back. And never mind the fact that they will wear the bibs for all of a few minutes.

- Not setting my alarm clock on the weekends. This is related to the first point above, but I cannot fully explain the feeling of freedom I experience when I turn the alarm clock switch to "off" on Friday nights.

-Nap time. This requires no explanation. I realize I am only a SAHM 2 days a week, but those 2 days are pretty exhausting (as are the other 5, but during the other 5, I (usually) don't have anyone yelling in my ear, wiping snot on my pants, or throwing their sippy cups on the floor 7,000 times in a row).

It is amazing how beneficial it is for all 4 of us when nap time goes well: the babies get some much-needed sleep, Brian gets some much-needed time to play video games, and I get some much-needed time to peruse chevron printed bibs on etsy. Oh, and the dogs even get some much-needed time napping on the floor without someone whacking them with puzzle pieces or running them over with a walker.

- These. Please refer to point #2 above.

- Oh, and these two. They drive me insane sometimes, but they just look so darn cute doing it:

Yes, I realize his buckle is too low. We do our best to pull it all the way up to his armpits and sometimes we fail. Good thing we are perfect at everything else related to parenting, right?

Thankful to report Pink Ellie #2 is doing her job!


Brittnie said...

I don't make myself presentable hardly ever during the week and thus I still only manage to squeeze in two showers weekly. . . if I am lucky. I know. Gross. I promise I will shower before I see you Saturday!! Can we still be friends?

the blogivers said...

Didn't read your disclaimer about the car seat buckle... already called CPS... sorry.

Erika said...

Can I co-author the book (point 2) with you? I feel like I have some special insight into this situation as well. I'm impressed there's such an abundance of crackpipe-themed bibs on Etsy...glad I suggested such a helpful party theme!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Ha! Allison's comment made me laugh! :) Loved this post!

Jaclyn said...

Happy party obsessing!

Natasha said...

I miss showering more days a week than I care to admit to publicly! Also, please don't look too closely at my kids' car seat buckles :) And planning kids' birthday parties is really fun! I'm glad you get to enjoy it :) And you're telling me I won't get the hour of Pinterest browsing I did yesterday back somehow. Boo.