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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ten months!

Colby and Clara are 10 months old today, and what a busy 10th month it has been! 

Colby's current nicknames: Colby Guy/Colby Guy Man, Buddy/Buddy Guy/Buddy Guy Man, Colbs

I just realized I never updated you with their 9-month appointment stats, but at the time Colby was 17 pounds (10th percentile) and 27.25 inches (11th percentile). So now he's… a little bit bigger and taller than that. How's that for exact?

Colby actually had a pretty great month! He has been napping (hallelujah) and sleeping like a champ, although it usually takes him a good 30 minutes to settle down and actually fall asleep for naps. He usually plays around in his crib and squeals for a bit, and then cries for a minute or two before giving in. Watching him play in his crib through the monitor is highly entertaining, especially when we hear him babbling and realize he's "talking" to his pacifier, blanket, or stuffed animal. 

In the past month, Colby learned to clap, wave, and as I revealed on Monday, (crab) crawl! He has also gotten much better at pulling up and started using the walker to go forward rather than backward. He loves for us to help him walk and is working on his balance. Homeboy will definitely walk before his wobbly little sis. 

Another area of improvement this month (really just in the past couple of weeks) has been his eating habits! Although sometimes he still gets offended by what we put on his tray and yells angrily at us, he is doing a lot better about eating finger foods/things that require chewing. If he's tired or in a bad mood, however, then forget it. At that point we usually just give him a spoon to slam on the tray and work out some of his aggression ;)

His favorite foods so far are yogurt, sweet potatoes, Cheerios, cheese, bread, puffs, and carbohydrates in general. He is starting to tolerate chicken and meat more, but it's still kind of hit or miss. He hates all things green and is especially irritated by peas. 

Colby's current favorites: spoons and straws (particularly the silly straw we keep in his car seat for him to play with), banging toys together, stealing his sister's toys, sitting on Daddy's shoulders, practicing walking, bath time, dancing with Mommy to "Shake," swinging in the front yard, pulling the puzzle pieces off of his play mat, babbling with his sister

Clara's current nicknames: Littlest, Baby Girl, Girly Girl, Messy Misses

As we suspected, Clara actually caught up to Colby last month and was weighing just under 17 pounds herself (29th percentile) and measuring 26.75 inches (16th percentile). Pretty sure she has already surpassed him by now!

Clara continues to be our smiley, happy, crazy nut case, but the biggest change for her this past month has been the DRAMA. I'm pretty sure she is working on getting some teeth (still has ZERO) which is in large part responsible for her newfound fussiness/whininess, but I also think she has just discovered that she is a girl and therefore allowed to be dramatic for no reason. ;)

See what I mean?

Thankfully she is much better at soothing herself than her brother, so typically her Wubbanub and/or sitting in one of our laps will do the trick if she starts to melt down.

She is still eating pretty much anything and everything we put in front of her, and unlike Colby, seems to prefer more colorful foods (read: fruits and vegetables). Her lack of teeth still does not present any issues, but sometimes her overeagerness to stuff everything in her face at one time does!

Clara has also gotten better at pulling up and rolling around but isn't crawling quite yet. She likes to get into the crawling position, lunge forward, and then collapse on the ground. I'm sure she'll get moving soon enough when she finds something worth pursuing. She is also (sort of) clapping and waving, but more importantly, it's safe to say she has said her first two words: "dada" and "da" (for dog)! It's pretty cute, and yes, if you're wondering, Brian is now completely powerless against her.

Clara's current favorites: her Wubbanubs ("Green Froggy" and "Pink Ellie"), the cloth "Thank You Prayer" book, bouncing in the jumperoo, swinging, watching the dogs, babbling with her brother, bath time, the "Shapes Song" video, going to sleep at night (and doing her "happy sleep dance")

Joint pictures were a challenge this month to say the least. I'm very thankful to have these monthly pictures, but I will also be very excited to be finished with them in a couple of months because they send my blood pressure through the roof!!

Here, sissy, let me just hit you with my hammer.

This was the only picture I could get of them both laying down- Clara is like a little torpedo and refuses to stay still! 

Baby prison

Mom, this is terrible! Make the pictures stop and let us out!

Their new normal at-home schedule (dropped a nursing feeding this month and added in a solid!):

7:30 am - wake up and nurse
8 am - solid breakfast
9 am - nap (usually 1.5 hours)
11 am - nurse
12:30 pm - solid lunch
1:30 pm - nap (usually 1.5-2 hours)
3:30 pm - nurse
5:30 pm - solid dinner
7 pm - bedtime routine
7:15 pm - nurse
7:45 pm - both babies are asleep!

We usually sprinkle in a few snacks throughout the day as well.

Happy 10 months, little ones! I can't believe how close you are to 1… eek!


the blogivers said...

I also can't believe how close they are to 1!! Happy 10 months, babies! Your mama and daddy are doing a great job with you!

Erika said...

It's safe to say that the highlight of their 11th month will be meeting me...and then the rest of life will go downhill from there. So sad to peak early, kiddos, but it is what it is...

Gina Manifesta said...

They are getting so big! I am proud of you for taking these pictures every month. I forgot one- so that is going to be great in the baby book! I wish our babes could hang out!!

Brittnie said...

Gotta appreciate Colby's love for bread, cheese and all things carbs! He knows whats up! :)

Happy 10 month babies!

Brittany Sciba said...

Happy 10 months C&C! Clara looks beautiful even when she's crying! :)

Aubrey said...

Adorable!!! Can I ask you a quick twin question? Where did the babies sleep when you first brought them home and did they sleep together or separately? :)

Allena said...

My daughter was 9 pounds at birth and by 9 months was just under 17 pounds. It amazes me when another baby starts out smaller and gets as big or bigger. Ha! C&C are too cute, and I've loved 'watching' them grow!

Natasha said...

I'm totally taking a page from Colby's book and banging a spoon on my highchair to get rid of some of my aggression! Sounds awesome :)

And that picture of melting down Clara made my heart melt and also made me laugh. Sweetness.

I started reading your blog shortly after you announced you were pregnant and now your kids are almost ONE! That is simultaneously amazing and crazy.

Leah said...

10 months!! Crazy, crazy. They are both too cute!