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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let's pretend it's Monday (minus the Monday part)

Please pardon my tardiness in posting about the fact that one of my blog BFFs, Erika, and her husband Matt came to visit last week! They concocted some story about being here to celebrate her grandmother's 90th birthday, but between you and me, I'm pretty sure they came with the primary purpose of visiting us. Let's just hope Erika's grandmother doesn't read this blog, or else she'll be sorely disappointed.

Anyway, Erika already blogged about it, and sadly we only got to see them for about 12 hours (7 of which I spent sleeping), but a good time was still had by all. Brian and Matt made every effort to get a decent picture of us, but were not all that successful in the end. The picture below is the best my phone could muster up:

I am not as short as this picture makes me appear but I am as pale as this picture makes me appear. And we are both as awesome as this picture makes us appear.

We're hoping that after spending a few days in Texas and remembering all it has to offer (read: food), Matt and Erika will come to their senses and realize this is where they are actually meant to live. Sorry, Georgia, better luck next time.

They ditched us on Friday and although I was deeply saddened, I had a haircut to cheer me up. Remember how I was supposed to get it cut a few weeks ago? Well the snow-pocalypse ruined my plans and I had to reschedule. As per your suggestions, I went with a long stacked/layered bob. Thanks to the February photo challenge I'm doing on Instagram, I have photographic evidence for you:

Really different and exciting, I know.

Two other highlights from Friday:
1. I got to visit Brittnie and baby Camille (Clara was sleeping so I didn't get to hang out with her, sadly)!
2. When I picked the babies up from daycare, I found Colby wearing these pants:

Apparently he had a blowout and was all out of back-up clothes, so he got to sport a spare pair of girl pants instead- ha! At least they're Valentine's Day-appropriate, right?

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my parents, who made a semi-impromptu trip to visit us for a couple of days. The last time they really got to hang out with Colby and Clara was when Avery was born back in early November, so it was nice for the 4 of them to have some overdue bonding.
Here's my dad, teaching Clara to stick out her tongue- a useful life skill! Sadly, I didn't get any pics of Colby with them :o/

My dad left on Sunday afternoon but my mom stuck around for the night and even babysat while Brian and I were able to escape for a quick but overdue and much-needed solo dinner outing. I really do wish we could get into the habit of having regular date nights (although I sort of hate the term "date night," if we're being honest), but I don't really want to get into the habit of paying a babysitter on a regular basis and there's the minor detail that we don't really have a babysitter on reserve or anything. I know it's a worthy investment in our marriage and blah blah blah, so no lecture needed :)

Anyway, so that was our weekend. We also watched a lot of Olympic coverage (please go watch this if you haven't already) and I ate at least 7,500 cookies that my mom brought from this magical place. Out of curiosity, I weighed myself after the weekend yesterday and wasn't the least bit surprised to find that I gained 3.5 pounds. In fairness to the cookies, tortilla chips also contributed to that. I'm going to be in big trouble when this whole breastfeeding twins diet ends in a couple of months.

And on that note, have a healthy and happy Tuesday!


the blogivers said...

The heart on Colby's pants looks like it was photoshopped on so I was trying to figure out what you were editing on his butt, ha! Also, now I'm mad that we didn't get any cookies from JD's Chippery! Lucky.

Shannon said...

I know of an awesome babysitter who doesn't charge :)

Brittnie said...

Colby's pants!! Hahaha!

So glad you stopped by Friday and thanks again for dinner! We enjoyed it all & the mac n cheese and chocolate cookies are already on my grocery list for next trip. This could be bad.

Brittany Sciba said...

1. I'm so sad I didn't get to meet Erika! Hopefully I will once she moves here! ;)
2. Love the haircut! I think it is actually exciting and different!
3. Cracking up about Colby's pants.
4. Love Clara's dress!!!
5. I'm glad someone else shares my dislike of the term "date night".

Erika said...

Thanks for picking that terrible picture to showcase! Must I remind you that I have a far, FAR worse picture of you that I could show if I felt like it? Take a minute to think about that before you share any more bad pictures of me. Also I definitely am going to move to Texas. And I need more pictures of your hair...I can't see/appreciate the new stacked bob-ness of it from the front!!

Natasha said...

We have a babysitting arrangement with our friends. We babysit for them once a month, they babysit for us once a month. And every once in a while we all go crazy and have four kids (they have two, we have two) for 24 hours so the other couple can have an overnight. It's been an AWESOME arrangement!

But I totally agree, date nights are hard to plan.

And Colby in the pants made me laugh :)