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Monday, January 27, 2014

Wherein I use "speaking of" as a segue three different times

I've made an observation recently (and you might have as well): Over the weekend, I can come up with all kinds of blog content for a post on Monday, but as the week rolls on, I can barely muster up enough effort to crank out a "would you rather" post for Wednesday and definitely can't get my act together enough to post anything coherent for Friday. I suppose this is par for the course for a working mom (or anyone who has full-time responsibilities outside of blogging, really).

Nonetheless, it's Monday, so I have plenty of interesting and exciting things to share with you all. (Please note that I'm using the terms "interesting" and "exciting" very loosely.)

I can literally count the number of times I have painted my fingernails on one hand (no pun intended), but after some inspiration from my sis, I decided to go a little wild this weekend and paint them with this nail polish I got from my mom for Christmas:

I'm not posting a picture of what it looks like on my nails, but I will tell you it's more of a gray purple than this picture suggests. Once again, I feel uncharacteristically trendy. 

And speaking of jumping on a bandwagon a million years after everyone else, we have never made any recipes from The Pioneer Woman before, but this weekend we went crazy and made two! In place of our normal pancakes on Sunday morning, I requested that Brian make this cinnamon toast and he kindly obliged.

Picture/recipe courtesy of , but can also be found on my "Breaking the Fast" board on Pinterest

It was amazing and even though I had to wait a good 10 minutes to eat it after it was ready because a certain two babies were demanding their yogurt, it was worth the wait.

And for dinner this week, we made her Sour Cream Noodle Bake. We haven't eaten it yet, but it looks tasty and wasn't hard to make, so I'm going to go ahead and recommend you try it as well.

Picture/recipe courtesy of , but can also be found on my "Breaking the Fast" board on Pinterest

And speaking of food, although he has made some improvement, Colby still continues to be our picky eater. And as I've probably mentioned before, his issue isn't with the way things taste (at least, I don't think it is), but rather the texture. I'm sure this is very common for babies his age, but it is also very aggravating. Homeboy turned down macaroni and cheese the other night. I considered having a maternity test done to make sure he's really my child, but opted not to.

I can't really blame him, however, because I've never had the world's most adventurous palate and have been known many a time to declare that I don't like a certain food without actually trying it. Which is why I felt a little convicted recently when I was praying for Colby not to be a picky eater… in that same prayer, I also prayed that he would not be so quick-tempered or easily frustrated. Just call me "pot" and we'll refer to my son as "kettle." 

That same son is currently sitting in his crib clapping and playing rather than napping as I- a self-proclaimed hater of taking naps- type this. Poor kid doesn't have a chance. Thank goodness Clara seems to have avoided these characteristics thus far.

Speaking of those babies, they have been a lot more interactive with each other lately and we were lucky enough to catch one of their "conversations" on video this weekend. Enjoy:

That's all for today. Feel free to toss any WYRW suggestions my way ;)


the blogivers said...

1. WTG on the nails! I wonder if I will do it again anytime this year?
2. Mmm... toast. And we made that sour cream noodle bake once - 'twas good!
3. I'll be interested to see if the Colby guy continues to take after you as he gets older!

Beth said...

I have that nail polish. Love it. On my toes right now! I basically refuse to paint my own fingernails and I haven't had a manicure in months.
I've been wanting to try the PW cinnamon toast! I don't think I've ever made anything by her, either.

Brittnie said...

Love the dark polish!!

Love pioneer woman!!

And love that the babies are totally having a secret convo :) super cute!!

Erika said...

That polish is great!! Way to be brave and trendy!! And I love PW recipes. I can only imagine she knows what she's doing with the cinnamon toast. YUM!

Brittany Sciba said...

Love the polish and LOVE the video!! Can you believe you have two babies at your kitchen table?!

Aubrey said...

I love watching the video of the babies having a conversation! Adorable!

kayla Agan said...

Ours were being really finicky with food too & I realized they were refusing all things hot. Like things I would assume would be nasty at room temp or cold. But once I stopped heating things it's been smooth sailing. Just a thought! :)

kayla Agan said...

Oh & that "conversation" is adorable! I cant wait until mine start that!!