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Monday, January 20, 2014

Not the type of insights you might expect on MLK day

I feel like I should confess something to everyone: I bought deodorant on Amazon this weekend. I went to 4 different stores and couldn't find the kind I use, so I just gave up and decided to order it online. Turns out it was a genius idea because I was able to buy a 6-pack and get it in 2 days thanks to my current Amazon Prime trial membership.

You want to know what's really sad about the whole situation (minus the fact that I consider it legitimate blogging material)? I took it out of the "shopping" portion of our budget (you know, the category I usually use for buying clothes, house decor, etc.?). I didn't want to take $18 out of our grocery budget for deodorant, so that was the next best option.

And now I'm done talking about deodorant… for now.

While we're on the topic of hygiene (ok, reaching on that segue), I'm getting my hair cut on Friday and while I will most likely end up getting it cut the same way I always do, I am feeling a tiny bit tempted to do something different.

As a reference, here is what my boring hair looks like right now:

Any suggestions that would still allow me to put it back easily and that don't involve coloring it? I get my hair cut approximately twice a year, so it would also need to be relatively easy to maintain. Your input is greatly appreciated (although it may potentially be ignored).

I don't really have much else exciting to talk about considering that our weekend consisted of the same activities it always consists of: grocery shopping, a trip to Costco, and hanging out with the babies. I will, however, point out that getting samples at Costco (aka: the greatest reason for going there) has lost a bit of its appeal now that the babies take notice of the samples and scream loudly until we share with them. Sorry, twins, but I'm pretty sure chocolate peanut butter Cliff bars are not on your list of acceptable foods yet (of course, tomato bisque might not be either but you better believe I shoved a couple of sporks-full in their mouths to get them to stop screaming).

Oh, and we did watch two movies! Don't get too excited- they are old and were on Netflix/DVR because we don't really have a babysitter and have more or less resigned ourselves to the fact that movie theaters are a thing of the past for us (for now).

Anyway, I feel like I need to share my realizations about both of the movies with you in case you're considering watching them:

- On Friday night, we watched "The Five-Year Engagement," which was really funny, but also basically a lengthier and more updated version of "Down to You."

- On Saturday night, we watched "The Cider House Rules," which was basically a lengthier and more depressing version of "Elf."

I know what you're thinking, but no, I'm not going to quit my day job to become a film critic. Regardless, you're welcome for the super insightful descriptions.


the blogivers said...

Ah, the days of eating food in secret have already arrived! And as for hair, you should be brave and let your stylist decide what to do!

Abby said...

Listen, I've bought toilet paper off of amazon before so I understand the point you're at. it's actually cheaper that way, but its just weird to think about the fact that everything is basically at your fingertips thanks to amazon.

I think your hair would look cute in a long stacked bob. (like the front still shoulder length but the back a little shorter) It would still grow out easy for your twice a year haircut but would be something different!

toocoolforschool said...

I was going to say long stacked bob also. You can still put it up or half up and it would be super cute with the frame of your face! different but not too risky :)

toocoolforschool said...

UGH too cool for school is actually brittnie b. :) brandon didn't sign out of his google account. Ha! this happens from time to time.

Aubrey said...

What about just a trim and some angles? I cut my hair and am hating that I can't pull it back in a pony tail anymore!!

Erika said...

Is it weird that I clicked on the link to see what kind of deodorant was worthy of this level of devotion? I would totally order deodorant from Amazon if I did Prime, though. Since it normally takes me at least 4 days (after realizing I need more) to remember it while I'm at the would be way faster. And in the meantime I wouldn't be offending people with my BO, I also think the long bob would be good- or do you ever style it differently (even cut the way it is)? Even just using a large-barrel curling iron occasionally so that the bottoms are big loose curls (instead of just being straight) could be a fun way to change it up without committing to anything too wild.