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Monday, January 6, 2014

Nine months!

The twins turned 9 months old yesterday! For some reason 9 months just sounds so old to me? That means I will spend the next 3 months in denial about the fact that they are about to turn 1. Let's get on with the monthly update, shall we?

Colby's current nicknames: Colby Guy/Colby Guy Man, Buddy/Buddy Guy/Buddy Guy Man, Guy Man (this list may sound redundant, but it's accurate!)

The babies have their 9-month check-up on Friday so I'll update with weight/height stats then, but a few weeks ago he was weighing in right at 16 pounds, which still puts him below the 5th percentile. He's a little guy!

This little guy has been busy this month. He has almost no interest in crawling but loves to walk around with our help. And he is all of a sudden interested in attempting to pull up on anything he can get his hands on. Unfortunately he doesn't realize that in order to pull up, the object he's using needs to be a little higher than he is, so he often tries (unsuccessfully) to pull up on things that are low to the ground (like his sister when she's laying down next to him).

Speaking of torturing his sister, one of Colby's newest favorite activities is to steal Clara's toys. It doesn't matter how many toys he currently has or how little interest he really has in what she's given, but pretty much anything we hand her or put in front of her, he grabs and takes for himself. Let the sibling rivalry begin!

I am thankful to report that Colby has been doing great on the sleeping front! He sleeps 11 or so hours at night without making a sound, but is usually the first to wake up in the morning (on weekends- we actually wake them up on weekdays). And he is definitely not the type to babble happily in his crib once he's awake- he usually goes from sleeping to screaming fairly quickly!

Thankfully he is also doing a gazillion times better with naps. They take two naps a day now and he generally falls asleep after just a few minutes of fussing. He wakes up at the 45-minute mark during almost every nap but after 5-10 minutes of crying, will usually fall back asleep. During those 5-10 minutes, we just hold our breath and pray that he doesn't wake Clara up.

We have started offering more finger/table foods to the babies and although I anticipated Colby would be the better eater, that has not really been the case. He has a little more trouble picking up individual pieces of food (still grabs entire fists full at a time) and seems to be inconvenienced by anything that requires much chewing. So with that being the case, his favorites are still purees and yogurt, along with Cheerios and Puffs!

All in all, although Colby is still a little higher maintenance and not nearly as laid back as his sister, he is still a generally sweet and happy guy, and we often comment that he is simply misunderstood. If only we would meet his needs and ensure that he is 100% content 100% of the time, there would be no problems ;)

Colby's current favorites: looking in the mirror, playing with the sit-to-stand walker, banging toys together, swinging, shaking his head "no," the "shapes song" video, playing with water bottles/paper plates/packaging, taking off his socks, playing with this monkey and giraffe (aka: "Flat Monk" and "Raffie"), and riding on Daddy's shoulders

Clara's current nicknames: Littlest, Misses, Baby Girl, Messy Misses

Clara is continuing to gain on big brother and a few weeks ago was weighing in just 6 ounces behind him at 15 pounds, 10 ounces. Based on how much of a hungry hippo she is, I wouldn't be surprised if she has caught up to him by now, but we'll see.

Speaking of which, Clara loves her some food! She doesn't really care about what form it comes in, if it's edible (and even sometimes if it's not- i.e.: paper), she probably likes it. She is especially fond of Cheerios and makes "mmm" sounds and flaps her arms excitedly even if she sees the container they come in. We are taking advantage of this obsession and trying to use them to motivate her to crawl! She is getting pretty close, but still only scooting backwards so far.

Unlike Colby, Clara has little interest in standing/walking and is still a little floppy. She does, however, love to bounce and thinks that's what she's supposed to do most any time she's in the standing position.

Clara has continued to be a great little sleeper and usually gets closer to 12 hours of sleep at night since she falls asleep earlier than her brother. She usually does well with both naps, too, and in the event that she does wake up early, will typically play happily in her crib for a bit before demanding to be rescued.

The best way to describe this little girl is happy-go-lucky. She is pretty much always smiling and it takes a lot to ruffle her feathers, although she does get her feelings hurt sometimes when Colby steals her toys or we leave her alone to go in another room. She, like her mama, enjoys attention and is greatly offended when she feels like she's been ditched or ignored. 

Clara's current favorites: bouncing in the jumperoo, bath time, "talking" to the dogs, food, playing with tags, swinging, her Wubbanub pacifiers ("Pink Ellie" and "Green Froggy" are her best pals), watching anything that's on TV, sticking her hands in her mouth while eating, taking off her socks, yelling like a crazy person when she's excited, and spitting up on Daddy's work clothes in the morning

And here come the joint pics:

The stickers started to cause problems, so we took them away… and then this happened:

All better!

Just a little play time in Clara's crib while Mommy and Daddy cleaned up the room after the photo session… believe it or not, trying to get 2 babies to cooperate/smile for these monthly pictures can cause quite a mess!

Rather than break down eating/sleeping, I'm just going to share their normal (at-home) schedule with you:
7:15 am - wake up and nurse
9 am - nap (usually 1 hour)
10:30 am - nurse
11 am - solids (usually yogurt or fruit + cereal)
1:30 pm - nurse
1:45 pm - nap (usually 1.5 hours)
4 pm - nurse
4:30 pm - solids (usually veggies)
7 pm - bedtime routine
7:15 pm - nurse
8 pm - both babies are asleep!

And as a reward to those of you that read this entire post, I now have two videos for your viewing pleasure:

(For comparison, be sure to check out the video of them at 2 months!)

And here's one of them during play time, which all went downhill when I had the audacity to wipe Colby's nose:

Happy 9 months, sweet babies!


the blogivers said...

Happy 9 months, little ones!! Glad we got to spend so much time with you from 8-9 months!

Erika said...

So cute!!! OK, now, speaking of videos: we need to discuss that Elf video that is still on your main page. Every time I come to your blog (which is often, obviously) it starts playing! And it totally kills my Pandora vibe. And then I have to scroll all the way down and find it and mute it. Obviously this is a lot of work, so you either should a) post a lot more blogs so that it gets bumped off the front page, or b) think of another way to get it to not auto-play. Thanks for rearranging your life to make mine easier!! :)

Natasha said...

Okay those videos were hilarious. I love how Brian said, "This is not going to be pretty" as you went in to wipe Colby's nose and then Colby was not happy.

Also, in the two month video Clara was beating up on Colby and in the nine month video it was reversed. As long as they keep taking turns it should all work out okay :)

Brittnie said...

Happy 9 month babies! Their one yr will be here before you know it! Crazy, right?

Amanda said...

They are so loonnngggg... maybe not, I don't know these things, but the certainly look BIGGER... slow down babies!

Love the pics! I think Colby is becoming more smiley... either A- he's mellowing out or B- you're increasing the 100% contentment time! Either way, love their smiles!

Brittany Sciba said...

Happy 9 months to Colby and Clara!! They are precious.

kayla Agan said...

So cute! Their daily schedule looks exactly like ours except we do afternoon naps at 1. Now im tempted to try to push that nap back a while and see if I can get them going to bed later!