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Monday, January 13, 2014

First trip to the zoo!

In a strange turn of events (ok, not that strange because it's Texas), the weather went from rainy and 25 degrees last week to sunny and 70 degrees this past weekend. I assumed we would take the babies for a walk and do some swinging in the front yard to take advantage, but my friend, Kristen, was aiming even higher and suggested we go to the zoo. So on Sunday, we packed up the babies and did just that!

Kristen got a new fancy pants camera for Christmas and shared some of her pictures with me, so if you see any below that look like they are high quality, she gets the credit ;) 

Colby and Clara didn't take long to kick back and get comfortable, did they? Their pal, Hayes, is being slightly more cooperative (as usual)- he's only 4.5 months older but I feel like he looks more like 4.5 years older than our little tiny tots!

Get excited!

1. Colby is sporting one of Brian's baseball hats and you have to admit it's pretty cute, right? 2. He stayed in the stroller for all of about 5 seconds before pitching a fit and ending up in the Baby Bjorn for the rest of the trip. Pretty sure we'll still be carrying him in that thing when he's 12.

Family pic with the elephants!

Listening intently to one of the guides, who informed us that one of the elephants is currently pregnant and that their babies normally weigh 250-300 pounds at birth. Ouch.

Colby and me with some longhorns on steroids (don't remember their actual name)

Mommies with the boys

I think I love this pic of the babies with the rhinos just as much as the one below with them actually looking!

Snack break- we take puff-eating very seriously!

Hanging with the giraffes

You can tell this was well into the trip because her headband and socks are missing and her hair is a mess! 

Daddies with the boys (Hayes is looking incredulously at Colby because he can't believe he's in a good mood for a change ;)

And this is what happens when you take your babies to the zoo during nap time 

Love these little monkeys!

Thankfully we got a picture of all 7 of us before we left!

I'm fairly certain the twins would have been just as entertained watching Noah and Buster in our own backyard, but we had fun and can't wait to take them again when they're a little older.


the blogivers said...

Glad the babies had fun on their first trip to the zoo! Colby in the baseball hat reminds me of similar pics of Davis from his first trip to the zoo - remember how freaking hot it was? And I love the pics of the babies with the rhinos! Were they standing up there by themselves...?

Brittnie said...

How fun! We still have never taken Clara to the zoo. We keep talking about it but never go! I should probably plan a trip next week when I have a one week old. . . good timing, right? :)

Erika said...

What a fun way to spend a nice day!! I have such fond memories of (puking at) the Houston Zoo....ahhhh. The kids look super impressed by all the animals, too, so way to start their education early!!!

JoJo said...

Looks like such a fun day! And the weather was beautiful this past weekend compared to the other.

Aubrey said...

Aw, cute pics! And can I just say you look amazing after having twins :)

Brittany Sciba said...

How fun! I love Clara's pants! :)

Natasha said...

It took me awhile to figure out the rhinos weren't real :) I figured you had some really brave babies (and parents) to get that picture!