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Monday, December 2, 2013

You thought this would be a Thanksgiving recap, but you're wrong!

I know I have made the reference before, but ever since going back to work after the twins were born, I feel like Jessie Spano during her caffeine pill freakout approximately 90% of the time. And now that we're in the middle of the holiday season, I would say it's more like 99% of the time.

I mentioned to someone recently that now that I'm a working mom, I feel like I can never actually get anything done. She very wisely pointed out that I am actually getting quite a bit done- I just have to redefine my definition of productivity. I may not have my Christmas shopping done weeks in advance and I might not have dusted in the past several weeks, BUT the bills are paid and the babies are alive, so I will do my best to be content with that.

Relatedly, I have mentioned it before, but Colby is a terrible napper and it has gotten worse lately. He fights it the second you put him down and if by some miracle we are able to get him to fall asleep, he never sleeps more than 45 minutes. Besides the fact that it's really annoying (er, I mean heartbreaking) to listen to your baby scream for extended periods of time, it is also really frustrating to have zero free time during the day where neither baby is awake.

All of this to say, I haven't had the opportunity to blog as much as I would have liked lately, so I appreciate you not holding random brain dump/catch-up posts like this one against me :)

- We recently made this butternut squash & spinach lasagna roll recipe and I would highly recommend it. Warning: it's not really all that complicated, but in my book, anything that requires an extra recipe for the sauce does not qualify as "quick and easy." And we are idiots and attempted it on a Sunday afternoon when the twins were not feeling well and were both particularly psychotic fussy, so we were only actually able to complete the recipe because Brian took the babies out for a drive. (I told you he was a saint!)

- And on a less healthy note, please go to Chick Fil A and get a peppermint chocolate chip milkshake as soon as possible. Side note: you know how you always crave CFA on Sundays when it isn't open, usually right after church? Well the church we have been trying out has a Saturday evening service and just so happens to be about 1 mile from the closest CFA. The service also just so happens to end around 6 pm, aka: dinner time. PROBLEM SOLVED.

- Because misery loves company, I feel obligated to share this song with you that Brian found on the internet and sometimes uses to entrance calm down the babies:

- And speaking of those babies, they have been doing a lot of sitting lately:

First time sitting in the shopping cart seat

First time sitting in a restaurant high chair

"Waiter, bring me another beer!"

They have also been trying out sippy cups:

And sporting their hoodies, thanks to some (finally) seasonally appropriate cool weather:

And they have been taking great interest in the two furriest members of our family (no, not Brian, although he is pretty hairy, as evidenced by the shot of his stomach below!):

- They have been keeping us busy, but of course, we wouldn't have it any other way:

Exciting week of blog posts ahead: Thanksgiving recap, Would You Rather Wednesday, AND the babies' 8-month post!


the blogivers said...

So many cute pics of the babiez! And I'm not even going to click on the video for that song because I'm not stupid. Also, I am curious if either baby likes either dog better so far?

Erika said...

Love all the hoodies!! And my niece's current favorite no-fail calm-down song is that "What Does the Fox Say?" song. And we spent six hours in the car with her on Saturday. Wanna guess how many times I heard that song?

Anonymous said...

Chick fil A's peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes are addictive!!! They are probably my favorite seasonal Christmas flavored item. Also, the babies are very cute and grown up looking!

Brittnie said...

Love all of these pics! And yes it never fails that I always want chickfila on Sundays after church. . . every week!

Amanda McD said...

Sounds like Colby had been hanging out with Carter. Carter has (thankfully) started napping better since he transitioned to one nap, but he was a complete sucker for that 45-minute intruder. My only advice would be to let him CIO, if it wouldn't wake Clara. Good luck! This is my biggest fear about expecting twins!!

Natasha said...

Oh, all I can say, is that I hope Colby starts napping better soon because that sounds like a pretty miserable pattern he is in right now.

Rachel's favourite song right now is "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Strange child.

Leah said...

aaaah- I was wanting a peppermint milkshake from chick fil a last night!!! this is a sign - must have one asap.

Brittany Sciba said...

I can't believe they are already old enough to sit in shopping carts and high chairs!! Love the last picture. They are precious.

Bren said...

I love the pic of the babies in the shopping cart. Train 'em while they're young ;)

Anna Mary said...

Is it wrong to say that I loved the shape song, because I really did. Super soothing. haha.

Kate said...

They're getting so big!!!

How many naps a day are they taking? Leighton did her nap transitions really early on (for both 3-to-2 and 2-to-1), and, while it sucked to cut those naps down in number, she started napping for so much longer with each drop.