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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Would You Rather Wednesday

All I have to say after last week's WYRW post is that you all sure don't seem to be bothered as much by wedgies as I am. Props to you on that.

This week's question is brought to you by two unfortunate little babies that have fallen victim to the latest germs going around their daycare. Would you rather...

come down with RSV  (like Colby did last week)


come down with hand, foot and, mouth disease* (like Clara did this week)?

*Lest you forget, I came down with HFMD last summer just before we started IVF, so poor Clara is just following in mommy's footsteps.

Things to consider:
- Both of them are viruses and therefore cannot be treated with medicine.
- Both of them are highly contagious.
- Both of them are stupid.

(The good news is that C&C are taking both illnesses like champs and have not been too under the weather as a result!)


Brittnie said...

I don't think I can choose this week! Why? I am currently confined to my house because of the FLU! How does this keep happening to me? I went to my dr this week and flu test came back positive. Had to send Clara over to the grandparents house so that she doesn't catch any of my nasty germs. Day 3 and I still feel like crud. Yay for flu season!

Erika said...

Wow, such tempting options!!! Ummmm....RSV, I think?? HFM just sounds way sketch. RSV sounds like something I've probably had before and could survive.

Nikki Miller said...

I am going with RSV... simply because I have never had it as a teacher it always a good idea to work on those antibodies

the blogivers said...

I choose RSV, because at least I would just feel awful but at least not look like a freak?! (Not that Clara looks like a freak; she is rocking the spots, I'm sure.)

Natasha said...

RSV for sure!

Susan said...

HFM because RSV has awful respiratory issues and if I passed it to my children I'd feel terrible. Take it from the pediatric RN...HFM is a way better option!