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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gobble gobble

Hard to believe the babies' first Thanksgiving came and went so quickly. I would have liked to spend a little more time reflecting about just how very thankful we are during this current season of life, but I was too busy packing, traveling, and parenting to sit still long enough to do so! But suffice it to say that we are very aware of just how immensely God has blessed us this year.

And now for a recap of our turkey day/weekend activities…

We hit the road for La Grange (where Brian's grandparents live) bright and early on Thursday morning, thanks to a particular baby boy that deemed 6 am to be an appropriate wakeup time. Here they are, busy figuring out their toys while we got ready and packed up the car:

Hi, Clara!

We ordered matching turkey onesies from a friend's etsy shop and so of course we had to have a photo shoot (Clara's headband also from etsy, courtesy of Brian's mom!):

Love Colby's blue eyes in this one!

And love how Clara has her hand on his leg in this one- obviously intentional for the photo shoot ;)

Had to share this one because of Clara's face- cracks me up!

We spent most of our time at the ranch doing what we always do- chatting, eating, playing games, and taking it easy- but with lots of baby-holding and entertaining added in. Thankfully there were plenty of family members eager and willing to share in the holding and entertaining so we could have a little bit of a break!

Brian's mom made the babies these super cute owl hats (along with snowman & gingerbread hats- she's a crafty one) so they had a good time modeling them for us. They also had a good time playing with paper plates and eating their tasty Bumbo straps.

Clara and me enjoying a stroll outside at the ranch:

The babies traveled pretty well but (surprise, surprise) Colby had a lot of trouble sleeping while we were gone. We don't know if it was him not liking the pack 'n play, a new food not agreeing with him, teething, or him just being out of his element, but homeboy was refusing to nap and woke up at least 7923 times on Thursday night. 

I snapped this picture of them napping. Approximately 5 minutes later, he was awake.

The second nap attempt of the day on Friday was horrendous - 45 straight minutes of screaming. At that point, we made the executive decision to head home early so everyone could sleep in their own beds. Someone went from 10 am to 8 pm without sleeping and was quite exhausted by the time we left:

We were sad to have to leave early, but figured it was for the best. We hoped Colby, in all his exhaustion, would sleep well that night, but as the saying goes, sleep begets sleep, and so the opposite is also true. Which is why I was able to snap this selfie around 5:45 Saturday morning. At least one of us looks excited to be awake, right?

We were still able to enjoy the rest of the weekend, and even managed to get the Christmas decorations up. I know it's silly, but every year when we were trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, seeing mine and Brian's stockings hanging up alone always made me sad. So to say I was excited to hang all 4 of ours up together (along with Noah's and Buster's, of course) would be an understatement:

On Sunday, we dressed the babies up in their Christmas outfits (thank you, Smocked Auctions!) and took a few pictures with the tree:

Clara totally got the memo about reaching for the star...

This guy did not- ha!

"Huh? What star?"

And last, but certainly not least, the babies got to meet Santa and his wifey!

They look thrilled, don't you think?

And with that, my friends, our Thanksgiving weekend was complete. And I'm proud to report that on Sunday, Colby took not one, but TWO 1.5 hour naps. It's a Christmas miracle, I tell you! 

Hope your turkey days were equally as chaotic- just as the holidays should be...


the blogivers said...

Once again, too many cute pics of the cute babies! I'm glad you're here, little ones, and that you finally gave your mommy and daddy a reason to hang up some more stockings!

Beth said...

Cute pictures! Has Colby gotten back on track yet? And where did you take the Santa pic?

Erika said...

Your MIL is so crafty with those hats!! Obviously I can't approve of owls eating your babies' heads, but I'm excited to see the other two options. ;) And yeah. Two stockings is the most depressing thing ever. Gah.

Brittnie said...

Love those hats!! My Clara and Colby must be soul mates because she also DID NOT SLEEP WELL while we were out of town. And we also made an earlier than expected exit not only because of my daughters refusal to sleep but because I got the flu! Yay! :)

Annie Gruetzmacher said...

such a sweet and fun weekend! how does clara never wake up when colby cries and scream?! thats impressive!! sorry he's not a good sleeper - hang in there momma, you're a good one!

Amanda said...

Two stockings are unbearably sad which is why our cat and dog have always contributed by filling the empty spaces! Glad to see your stocking spot is all filled up this year! Hope Colby gives you some rest and sleeps exceptionally well this week!

kimberly ann said...

Those hats are incredibly adorable!

Love your Santa picture. Two babies who aren't screaming and a Santa that looks like he came straight from the North Pole is quite impressive!

Natasha said...

Yay for two good naps on Sunday! Keep it up Colby.

Brittany Sciba said...

I can't believe Brian's mom made those hats!!! They are so cute! I LOVE the candy cane outfits, of course. The stocking picture made me so happy! I think sleeping situations are the most confusing and stressful thing about being a parent of babies/young children. Georgia Kate is still waking up 3 times a night (which is fine because she's only 4 months old), but Reid is now waking up a couple of times a night too! Ugh! I hope Colby gets the hang of it soon! :)

Amanda McD said...

That Santa pic is so cute! I love that Mrs Claus is in the pic too...makes holding two babies that much easier!

Carter does better (relative term) in the PnP with one of those Mamaroo toppers. I got mine on Amazon for about $50 but it really helped his sleeping while traveling. TBH I would pay an arm and a leg for anything that lengthened his sleeping/napping!

Leah said...

they are adorable!!

Sarah said...

La Grange, Ohio? We were just there this weekend picking out a Christmas Tree! :)

kayla Agan said...

Our genius thanksgiving plan was to drive home during their bedtime so they could sleep in the car. It was definitely the most epic fail experienced in their lives yet! I mean, scary/cranky/screaming/pooping starting 2hours away from home! Then once they finally drifted off we were home and had to wake them up. So no big deal, they were finally asleep at 2am!