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Monday, December 9, 2013

Family pics

Brian's sweet sister very kindly agreed to take a few family pics for us last month since our normal Christmas card photographer was tied up with a newborn (excuses, excuses…). I didn't set my expectations too high given that two 7-month-old babies were involved, but the stars aligned and we managed to get some good ones- hallelujah! 

This was actually the very first picture she took- not too shabby for a first attempt, right?

And this was the second- miraculously we were all 4 smiling!

How cute are these boys?

We took the pictures in downtown Richmond and there happens to be a design of Texas made out of bricks. We thought it would be a fun idea to take an overhead shot of the babies lying on it, which would have worked out much better if one of us was 15 feet tall and could have stood up above them!

Don't tell Colby, but he has a crotch wedgie in this pic...

The photo session wouldn't be complete without Colby sticking his fingers in his mouth, now would it?

Love this one!

The babies might or might not have face planted (somewhat slowly/gently) onto the sidewalk right after this was taken. Parents of the year!

In front of one of the festive stores in downtown Richmond

We took about 100 of these and it was hard for me to narrow down my favorites to share, so… sorry.

Looks like Colby is talking important business in this one.

"Yep, roger that. I'll call you back. Bye."

Hark. Who goes there?

And my favorite classic "huh?" look

Clara giving Auntie Shannon the stink eye

Annnnd that's a wrap.

And there you have it. A big huge thank you to Shannon for taking time out of her Saturday to take these and for getting such great shots- you're the best!!


the blogivers said...

WTG, Auntie Shannon! I hope Amanda didn't verbally abuse you in the process as she has been known to do to me during my Christmas card photograph attempts :)

Erika said...

These are great!! I must commend your choice of earrings...that was the first thing I really noticed when I got my card. They really pop! So great! (PS Cute kids, too)

Natasha said...

Oh, such great pictures! Love them.

I especially like the ones on the green bench.

Brittany Sciba said...

Great job, Shannon!! All of the pictures are so cute! :)

Courtney Squillante said...

Those are great pics!!

Brittnie said...

She really did a great job. Does she want to come take our Christmas pics?