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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eight months!

Happy 8 months to my favorite little munchkins!

Colby's current nicknames: Colby Guy/Colby Guy Man, Buddy Guy, Grumpalump (when warranted)

Again, no check-up this month. At their follow-up flu shots on 11/15, Colby was weighing 15 lbs, 11 oz, putting him around the 5th percentile, so he is definitely a little guy. And particularly when you put him next to his chunky sister, you can see that he is going to be skinny like his daddy!

The 8th month was a pretty good one for Colby. After getting his first tooth, he quickly acquired another, both of which he has used to gnaw on anything he can get his hands (teeth) on. He has even grown a new fondness for his pacifier due in large part, we think, to the fact that he can chew on it rather than suck on it.

He has become a pro at sitting on his own and very rarely topples over. He isn't crawling or pulling up yet, but we're not too worried. From what I hear, once they become mobile, life gets a lot more chaotic, and I'm a-ok with taking the slow road to get there!

He is definitely the more verbal of the two and spends much of the day babbling incoherently. He says the "ma" sound enough to where I've convinced myself that I'll hear "mama" any day now, but I'm sure that will take some time. He also has a funny string of sounds he makes when he's angry and we're fairly certain it's the baby version of cussing someone out.

Minus our Thanksgiving travels, Colby has been sleeping really well at night, but his naps have continued to be pretty crummy. He is generally a pretty happy guy, though, and the tiredness doesn't (usually) seem to throw him off his game too much, so I try to take that in stride ("try" being the operative word!).

Colby's current favorites: standing, staring at himself in the mirror, lights/fans, being held, playing with his toys, watching the dogs, the yellow giraffe toy, getting ready for bed (until a certain point), shaking his head "no," paper plates, riding on Brian's shoulders

Clara's current nicknames: Littlest, Baby Girl, Misses, Miss Splashy Pants (primarily used at bath time)

As of 2 weeks ago, Clara weighed in at 15 lbs, 5 oz (around 15th percentile, I think), so while she was at one point 2 pounds behind her "big" brother, she is now a mere 6 ounces lighter. I would really not be surprised if she caught up to or surpassed him by the time their 9-month appointment rolls around next month. And again, I'm pretty sure she is storing all of that weight in her chunky little thighs :)

The 8th month was a good one for Clara as well! She still doesn't have any teeth, but that doesn't seem to bother her. We recently starting introducing finger foods and she doesn't have any problem mashing them up in her mouth. She is also slightly more coordinated than Colby so picking up and grabbing the food is a little easier for her.

Clara has also gotten pretty good at sitting, although she is still a little bit wobbly. She has started to lunge forward for objects while in the sitting position, but isn't pulling up onto all fours or crawling yet either.

She doesn't like to stand as much as Colby, but she LOVES to bounce her legs and jump up and down. This has earned her the nickname of "Bouncy Ballerina"- and to answer your question, yes, we very rarely actually refer to her as "Clara" :).

Clara's current favorites: the jumperoo, her wubbanub friends (pink elephant & green froggy), bath time, watching the dogs, the yellow giraffe toy, tags/straps/strings/anything she can suck on

Joint picture time!!

I know you can't see much of their legs in this pic, but you can definitely see the difference in thigh size!

They look so grown up here to me!

Eating: still nursing/taking pumped bottles 5 times per day and eating solids 2x/day (fruit + cereal in the morning and veggie in the afternoon)

They have eaten pumpkin, peas, green beans, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, avocado, rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, puffs, Cheerios, and teething biscuits. They're good little eaters but a certain little boy is not a big fan of green veggies!

Sleeping: 8 pm-6 am on weekdays, and 8 pm-7/7:30 am on weekends; We have moved down to 2 naps a day (at home, anyway)!

Clothing: Still in 6-month!

It's weird to me that this will be their last update of 2013. In my mind, 2013 was put on pause back in April and 2014 is still months and months away. Except now "months and months" equals 26 days!


the blogivers said...

Happy 8 months, not-so-little anymore babies!! Seems like just yesterday I was helping your mommy take your 1 month pictures, so I'm not sure how we got here...

Brittnie said...

Happy 8 months C and C!! We need to get together soon so I can see these cuties in person! Any free time before Christmas ??? Is that a stupid question??? Ha!

Amanda said...

Happy 8 months to the babies! I can't believe that Clara is so close in size to her big brother! They are both so cute!

Erika said...

At one point will it be less socially acceptable to comment on the girth of Clara's thighs? I hope not for a long time-- those things are cute!

NN Bartley said...

And now for my reality check. At 8 months and one day Ellery was walking and at 8 months and one week she was running. She had been climbing EVERYTHING before that. It still floors me when I see 8 mo. Old babies doing the normal thing which is maybe crawling or scooting around at 6-7-8 months. Be very grateful and enjoy them so much because yes, once they are mobile it's a whole new ball game.
And of course, they are adorable as usual. And in 14 years Clara will be grumping "Why did Colby get the skinny thighs?"

kayla Agan said...

Sweet little babes!! 8 months!? Say it isn't so...that means mine will be soon too! But they are too cute...and take it from a mom of early crawling twins.....SO overrated! Jk....kinda! ;) Things get intetesting/you are dodging near death experiences often!

Brittany Sciba said...

I love how smiley they are!! :) Happy 8 months to your precious C&C!

Leah said...

yeah how are they 8 months already!? And out of curiosity, is your life getting easier?

Natasha said...

Rachel keeps wanting to look at the pictures of Clara and Colby and the owls over and over. She loves this post!