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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas babies

Being that I only have 2 days off of work for Christmas this year, we aren't going to be able to do our normal multi-day tour de Texas to visit mine and Brian's families. We are going to make a quick 24-hour roundtrip to Austin, but won't get to be with Brian's family at the ranch in La Grange. So with that in mind, we decided to celebrate Christmas with them a little early this past weekend since everyone would already be together for his sister's birthday (happy belated 25th, Shannon!).

Everyone spent the night at our house on Saturday night and on Sunday morning we pretended it was Christmas day. I could get used to this whole having more than one Christmas morning thing!

The babies were, of course, the center of attention, and while we had every intention of taking a family pic of all of us, we only ended up with pictures of them… oops.

I snagged these cute matching Santa jammies from Target for $6/piece- they made for some cute pictures!

All set to open their first presents from Aunt Shannon

And by "open," clearly I meant "eat"

Family pic in our pjs- I think Colby and Clara pull off the early morning no-shower look a little better than Brian and I do...

All that present-opening is pretty tiring

See what I mean?

I asked Brian to snap these pics while they were both in the jumperoos- I just love these little Santa feet!

Hard to get a still pic of Clara's feet given that she is constantly bouncing up and down, but he managed!

Aunt Shannon and Brian's parents (recently named "Mimi" and "Granddaddy") were very thoughtful and generous in their gift-giving as always and made sure to stock the babies up with more toys, books, and clothes than they know what to do with- these babies are spoiled (as are we), that's for sure!

And in the spirit of Christmas, Colby, Clara, Davis, and Avery got together and made a video for you all to enjoy:


Brittnie said...

Those Christmas pjs are adorable. . . I need to find some for my Clara!

Love the Elf Yourself of the kids. Avery's face is so serious lol. :)

the blogivers said...

Perhaps if you tried sticking your hands in your mouths like the babies, you would look equally as cute unshowered in your Christmas jammies? Glad they had a good first Christmas! And perhaps at their second Christmas, we can get the 4 of them to reenact the Elf Yourself dance?

Amanda said...

Do your pajamas have OWLS on them?!?!?! YOu should snag a pair for Erika for when she comes to visit!

Merry early Christmas to the babies... sooooo cute in their little PJs! Hope the first Christmas as a family of four is amazing!

Erika said...

Isn't Amanda G a genius?! I really hope we can wear matching owl jammies. We'll be just as cute as the twins. Glad yall get to have multiple Christmas mornings...that's a great idea. We should have them in like...June or something, too. That would be awesome.

Allena said...

I need to do the Elf Yourself with all my sister's and my kids! A second idea I'll copy of yours this week. :)

Brittany Sciba said...

Sweet and snuggly Santa babies!! :) Glad y'all had a great Christmas with the Joiners!

Natasha said...

Ha ha ha!!! That video made me laugh a lot! Avery is an unexpectedly good dancer for her age :)

Bren said...

Love the Christmas jammies, cute little baby feet, and elf video! Dancing elves are so much funnier as babies!