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Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcoming baby Avery

As you're likely already aware, Avery Jane, my newest niece and the littlest member of the Oliver family, made her debut on Friday! She weighed in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and came out with more hair than her cousin, Clara, has currently at almost 7 months. (It's also funny to think that she's already about half of Clara's current weight!)

We hit the road on Halloween night to make it to Austin, and thankfully the babies didn't have any trouble transitioning from sleeping in the car to sleeping in the crib/pack n play once we arrived.

(This was pre-sleeping, clearly. I really just took this picture because it's interesting to me that Colby, who has more or less rejected the pacifier for the past 6+ months, has suddenly taken a liking to them. I think he likes the way they feel on his new tooth!)

And then there's Clara, who has never met a pacifier she didn't like.

I woke up bright and early on Friday morning and made a little trip to the nearby urgent care clinic (ok it was an emergency room, but that sounds dramatic and it really wasn't) to address the most recent illness that the babies decided to bring home from daycare and share with me. I felt like death and was none too pleased when the doctor declared that "maybe it was just allergies," but thankfully he conceded that it was likely something viral. Pretty sure at 30 years old, I know the difference between allergies and waking up with both eyes crusted shut and a dry cough that made me sound (and feel) like a chain smoker, but thanks.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I just had to power through it and do my best not to spread germs to anyone else in the family, most importantly the newborn baby!

I spent the rest of Friday morning with the fam eagerly awaiting Avery's arrival. Davis was a good sport in the waiting room, in large part thanks to "Curious George" and "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood." Oh, and his grandparents.

She was supposed to be born around 7:30-8 am, but because apparently hospitals don't always run on schedule (who knew?), she didn't show up on the scene until closer to 10 am. I guess you could say she was worth the wait ;)

Little eskimo baby

Check out that hair!

Check out that cute face!

Check out that sickly aunt with the pink eyes!

Yep, your auntie is crazy, but I'm afraid you're stuck with her!

Re-post from facebook: Wade, Brian, and the 2013 babies... weird to think that these 3 (and Davis) are all genetically half siblings since Allison and I are identical twins (and have the exact same genes)!

Franny and Clara

Pop Pop and Avery

Little Muffin

Proud big brother, Davis

These two were great sports even though they spent most of the weekend stuck in their car seats and/or being shuffled to and from the hospital!

Attempting to get Clara to nap in the hospital room... 

Eventually I succeeded!

It's safe to say these two were exhausted on the drive home on Saturday after all that excitement...

I'm sad to report that Allison and I didn't get any pictures together, but I have a feeling we'll more than make up for it next time we're together.

We're glad to be back home and ready to take on a new week, but sad to have had to leave so soon after baby AJ arrived. Not sure when we'll get to see them next, but one thing is for sure: there will be many FaceTime dates in our future!


the blogivers said...

Thanks again for coming! And I am also sad that I only have 1 picture of you holding her and 0 pictures of us together... we'll make up for it next time when both of us are feeling more photogenic!

Erika said...

Eeek, I'm sorry about your nasty illness and pink eyes!!! WTG pressing through and making the trip anyway, though.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about the illness... you look great minus the pink eyes and I just thought you were overcome with joy! : ) Congratulations on your newest niece! She's beautiful!

Natasha said...

I'm sorry to hear you were (still are???) sick. When I saw the pictures in this post all I could think was "Babies babies everywhere!!!" or of the book "Everywhere Babies" which is following the same theme :)

Brittnie said...

You still look great despite feeling like crud!

Welcome baby Avery :). Nieces are the best ever!

Brittany Sciba said...

I'm so glad you were all able to be there, but sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well! :( It sounds like the twins were troopers!!