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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Seven months!

Colby and Clara are a whopping 7 months old today! Yes, it's true, the babies are now closer to being a year old than they are to being newborns. Weird.

Colby's current nicknames: (The) Colby Guy, Lumpy/Lumpster/Lumpkins, Buddy Guy

No check-up this month, so your guess as to their height and weight is as good as mine! 

I am thankful to report that this happy guy was MUCH happier during month 7 than during month 6. After a lot of troubleshooting to determine what was causing his fussiness and sleeplessness, we finally found the cure: antibiotics. After he woke himself and us up for the millionth time coughing one night, I called the pediatrician the next day to ask if there was anything over-the-counter we could give him. When I mentioned the cough/congestion had been going on for 2+ weeks, she indicated it was likely a sinus issue at that point and called in a prescription for Amoxicillin. Two days into taking it and he was a changed man, I tell you!

The little mister is still not an awesome napper (see below), but he has been sleeping great at night and we haven't had any more issues with solids. Hooray!

(I know I mentioned that I was going to do a post about sleep training Colby. We set out on a mission to let him "cry it out" right around the same time he started the antibiotics, so although we had one night of 30-45 minutes of crying, the whole thing ended up being kind of a non-event... so not much training really ended up happening!)

In addition to rolling around and doing a better job of sitting on his own (although far from doing it independently), Colby also got his first tooth this month! He has enjoyed using that tooth to gnaw on anything and everything, supplier of the milk (aka: me) included. 

Colby's current favorites: his plastic keys, being held and generally being upright, banging his toys onto hard surfaces, eating, grabbing whatever is in his reach (mommy's hair included), staring at the dogs, and as of recently, his wubbanub pacifiers

Clara's current nicknames: Littlest, Sissy, Girly Girl, Baby Girl

Quite the social butterfly, Clara is still really into smiling at everyone and everything. She is really only sad if she's really tired. And then there was the one time that Daddy was making pterodactyl noises in an effort to make Colby laugh and it scared her to the point of tears. Other than that, she really is pretty much always in an agreeable mood.

Very rarely do people say that she looks like me, but I totally think so in this picture!

Clara isn't rolling as much as Colby and still needs help sitting, but she's getting stronger and better at balancing every day. She also REALLY loves her jumperoo, so those chunky legs of hers are getting plenty of exercise, that's for sure.

Clara is a good napper, good sleeper, and good eater- we really don't have many struggles with her, and we are very thankful for that! Colby is by no means a difficult baby, but the fact that she's so easy-going sure does make it easier to manage some of his higher maintenance tendencies. 

Clara's current favorites: her wubbanub pacifier collection, her crinkly giraffe toy ("raffie"), spitting up on Daddy's work clothes, staring at the dogs, bouncing spastically in the jumperoo, splashing in the bath, "watching" anything on the television, smiling

And now it's time for the joint pics! You can tell in these how close in size they are these days:

Eating: nursing/taking pumped bottles 5 times per day and eating solids 2x/day
Sleeping: Relieved to report that they sleep from 8 pm-6 am on weeknights and 8 pm-7:30ish am on weekends.

Naptime is probably my least favorite part of parenting so far. It is really stressful for me because they pretty much both put up at least somewhat of a fight for every nap. Clara is easier to defeat, but still does her share of crying/flailing/refusing to settle down. Colby puts up a little more of a fight and sometimes boycotts naps entirely. Thankfully Brian is extremely patient and can normally get them both to sleep. If I were on my own, I have no doubt I would have run into oncoming traffic by now.

We are still putting them down for 3 naps a day and I would move them down to 2, but they just still seem too tired/cranky to drop that 3rd nap. Any napping suggestions/advice from you veteran moms?
Clothing: 6 month

Can't wait to see what month 8 has in store, little ones. We love you!


the blogivers said...

Happy 7 months, little ones!! I think Clara looks like you in a handful of those pics, especially the one you pointed out (and I thought that before I read your comment)! I also like that her legs are chunkier than Colby's. Glad they are both mostly behaving and being cute these days!

Beth said...

Happy 7 months, sweet babies! I'm so glad they're sleeping well. Daylight Savings didn't phase them? We went through a phase around 5 months when I thought he was trying to drop his last (3rd) nap, but he is soooo not ready. It's gotten easier for him to go to sleep again, but he's on a 30 minute nap kick that is NO BUENO!!

Mollyanne said...

For whatever it's worth, my not-a-good-napper baby (Hudson) needed 3 naps until 9 months. But once we dropped to 2, they became a good bit easier and more predictable. Fighting for good sleep is SO worth it! Hudson struggled a lot at first, but by his first birthday he was actually a good napper and nighttime sleeper and I would put in all the work all over again to guarantee the years of good sleep that have followed. Keep it up, and hopefully Colby and Clara will start to take it easier on you at nap time very soon!

Brittany Sciba said...

Ahhh! They are SO cute and looking very tall in these pictures!! Happy 7 months C&C!

Brittnie said...

"Thankfully Brian is extremely patient and can normally get them both to sleep. If I were on my own, I have no doubt I would have run into oncoming traffic by now." . . .

Story of my life! Why are husbands/daddies so much more patient? I'm so thankful! Cause yes by now I would either be in a mental hospital or MIA. :)

Love these babies! They are the cutest ever!!

Erika said...

Clara DOES totally look like you in that picture! That's exciting. Were you starting to get worried they gave you the wrong embryos during your transfer? No? Well, now are you?? ;) j/k I think the babies are probably actually yours...

PS: my 'not-a-robot' word is Cultsac. Were you thinking about joining a cult or something? Or maybe moving to a house on a cul-de-sac...that's probably it.

Natasha said...

I love the pictures of the two of them together. Especially the one where it looks like Clara pushed Colby over :)

I would maybe try dropping the third nap to see if it might help them sleep a little better. I don't remember when Sam dropped his and it seems like Rachel dropped her third nap quite early -- around four months. Sorry, I don't really have any advice, as you can tell :)

Natasha said...

Also I know we also did CIO for naps for a bit. The crying was usually shorter and the naps went a little better.

Slightly Askew Designs said...

Hey! Randomly came across your blog and thought I'd chime in on the nap situation since my little girl (my third) is right around the same age as your twins (she'll be 7 months on the 17th - TEAR!). Anyway, Griffin takes two LONG naps (usually 9am-11am and then again 1 pm - 4pm), but making it to her bedtime (7 pm) is often hard. I typically lay her in her bed around 5 and sometimes she goes right to sleep and other times she just rolls around and plays. Sometimes she cries and after a couple of times going back in to give her the paci I typically get her up and that night just means early to bed. She's my third and my other two were like this as well... If they're not acting ready to drop the third nap, don't! Maybe just shorten it a bit (I never let her sleep past 5:45 pm) so that they're ready for bed. Anyway, hope this helps! Can't wait to follow along and keep up with your sweet littles :)

Leah said...

Are they seriously 7 months? That's about as long as I haven't been reading blogs. :) They are adorable Amanda!

Brittany {Coleman Chronicles} said...

They are seriously so cute! Happy 7 months! I just wrote you a novel of an email but wanted to comment here, too! The biting while nursing phase is AWFUL isn't it?! Or maybe you just meant he likes to gnaw on your hand? In which case, nevermind that awful mental image.
The only thing I didn't mention in my email was that the nap transitions have always taken a few weeks at least with both my girls. We'll have a couple days where she needs 3, then a day or two with two naps, then back to 3 again, etc... until they're fully ready to drop it!
Also - Clara is a beauty!!