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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Would You Rather Wednesday

I'm gonna be honest: I'm a little surprised the tarantula was the chosen car ride companion in last week's competition. But in thinking it through myself, I would probably also choose the one that couldn't fly, in hopes that I could do a better job of keeping my eye on it and/or containing it. But either one  definitely gives me the creeps.

So for this week, would you rather...

have to loudly exclaim, "I'VE GOT MAIL!" in the old AOL "you've got mail" voice every time you receive an e-mail


have to start out every phone conversation you ever have with the chorus of Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You?"

Things to consider:
- For option 1, this applies to any device on which you receive e-mail, at any time, in any place. (That'll teach you to check your e-mail during the sermon at church!)
- For option 2, this also applies to every voicemail you leave. You're sure to make the day of customer service representatives on a regular basis!


the blogivers said...

I'm going to go with "you've got mail!" only because there are so many people I do NOT love that I have to talk to on the phone.

Nikki Miller said...

My gut first reaction was definitely the "you've got mail" ...HOWEVER upon further reflection I get 100s of emails a day. And thanks to texting and emailing I can easily go an entire day or two without making a single phone-call and the phone-calls I do make are usually to my mom or husband.
In fact I call my mom SO much that every time I am on the phone my daughter asks if she can talk to Lita (her name for my mom).

So Stevie Wonder here I come!

Erika said...

Now, is the "I'VE GOT MAIL!" required for each INDIVIDUAL new email? Or like if I check my email and there are 10 new ones, one exclamation will suffice? Because in that case I could just start seriously limiting the number of times I check email. But I like Nikki's logic,'s a good point. I rarely talk on the phone, so it wouldn't be too inconveniencing. Would I have to sing for work-related calls at work, though?

Natasha said...

Definitely "You've Got Mail." I don't have a device I can check my mail on outside of our house and since I'm a stay at home mom, I wouldn't be embarrassed at work. This one was easy :)

Merrie said...

You've Got Mail just makes me think of the adorable Meg Ryan and the hilarious Tom Hanks, so I guess that's my choice. It's better than a tarantula!!