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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Six months!

I know, I know- how can the twins possibly already have been here for half a year?! These have undoubtedly been the longest, shortest, most fun, and most exhausting six months of our lives. Even though Colby and Clara are still very much helpless little babies, they become more and more like actual little people every day. And cliche though it may sound, I am trying my best not to rush their current phase of life even though I'm anxious to see what the next will be like!

Ok enough rambling, let's talk about the stars of the show.

Colby's current nicknames: Colby Guy, Guy, Lumpy, Turtle Lumpkins, Lumps

Weight: 15 lbs (10th percentile)
Length: 26 inches (25th percentile)
Head: 17.24 inches (64th percentile)

Colby has slowed down on the weight gain and continues to be on the small side (compared to his "peers"), but is still our chunky little guy. He better watch out, though, because “little” sister is gaining on him! What was once a 2-pound weight gap between the two is now a mere 12 ounces. He is definitely the bigger fan of solid foods, though, so I’m guessing he’ll be picking up the pace again soon.

Speaking of solids, Colby seems to have a love/hate relationship with them so far. Correction: Colby loves them, his stomach hates them. He gobbles up everything we feed him and acts impatient if made to wait too long for the next bite (yes, I know, he’s obviously my son). But his digestive system hasn’t gotten the memo yet that he’s moved on from a liquid-only diet and I think it’s protesting as a result. Poor guy. And poor mommy and daddy, because those issues, along with congestion and a cough that will not go away, has meant that Colby has been way off of his sleeping game this month.

Nonetheless, Colby continues to be a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. We have figured out that he generally doesn’t like to be confined (to his car seat, for example) or left alone, so as long as he can be in the middle of everything and see what’s going on, he’s good to go.

He rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time this month and is getting a lot better at sitting on his own without toppling over. He still prefers standing over sitting or lying down, though. Wonder if he’ll be an early walker?

Colby’s current favorites: aggressively yanking the pull toys on his car seat, blowing spit bubbles, holding Clara’s hand and/or stroking her hair while he eats, the jumperoo, eating, drooling, being bounced, playing peekaboo

Clara's current nicknames: Littlest, Little Lady, Lady, Baby Girl

Weight: 14 lbs, 4 oz (17th percentile)
Length: 25.88 inches (50th percentile)
Head: 16.26 inches (27th percentile)

As I mentioned, Clara is catching up to Colby in weight, and I’m pretty sure most of that is in her chubby little thighs. She somehow gained an entire pound last month while Colby only gained 5 ounces, so apparently homegirl has been hungry.

She continues to be a great little sleeper and on the rare occasion that she does wake up in the middle of the night, all it takes is for us to pop the pacifier back in her mouth and she’s back out in no time. (Unless she’s in the mood to party, in which case she stares intently at you and flails her legs around. At that point, we have to physically hold her legs down so that she will settle down, which makes me feel a bit like we’re dealing with a patient in a mental institution!)

Everyone comments on how smiley she is and although occasionally she’s started to show a few signs of separation anxiety, she is pretty much friendly with everyone she meets/sees. Clara is a little busy bee and likes to be entertained, but is also perfectly able to entertain herself. She is a bit of a hoarder, and sometimes has a hard time picking which toys to play with because she wants them all in her hands at once. See below:

She hasn’t mastered any new tricks yet and still needs a lot of help sitting, but is getting better! She seems to be better coordinated than Colby but just isn’t quite as strong as he is yet. She is also not quite as interested in solids as he is, so she doesn’t typically eat as much in one sitting, but she’s definitely warming up to the idea.

Clara’s current favorites: experimenting with her voice (read: shrieking loudly), chewing on her feet (she recently came home from daycare with a sock covered in spit-up…), her Wubbanub pacifiers, the pink caterpillar toy, smiling, splashing in the bath, watching anything on the tv, trying to steal and eat my iPhone

And of course, the requisite pictures of the twinkies together:

 “Wait, mom, we’re not ready yet!”

These next two pictures make me laugh… can you tell they have discovered their feet?

This one is a facebook repost, but it was just too cute not to share (again)!

Eating: nursing/taking pumped bottles 5 times per day and eating solids 1x/day (although we upped them to 2x/day this weekend)
Sleeping: Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about it. Clara pretty consistently sleeps from 8:30-6 am on weekdays and 8:30-7 am-ish on weekends without waking up. Colby has been all over the map this month, but very rarely makes it through the night without at least one wake-up lately.
Clothing: 6 month

Just in case you didn’t know it, babies, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to your daddy and me and we love every day with you more than the last (even the sleepless ones)!


Brittnie said...

Sweet babies! Our Clara's have that same owl toy and my Clara still loves it. :) Hoping Colby gets back on track with his sleeping soon. So hard on you I know!

Erika said...

CLARA IS BEING ATTACKED BY AN OWL IN THAT PICTURE. I can't believe you aren't more concerned about this tragedy. Anyway, those pictures of the two of them on the chair are about the cutest thing I've ever seen, so I'll probably be framing them in my own house. Just so you know. I'll put them next to my throw pillow of Allison's sick face, just for funsies.

the blogivers said...

Happy belated 6 months, little babies! In a few of those pictures I think they just look like miniature versions of you and Brian (like I've always thought about Emma and Brown) - must be Colby's lumpiness and Clara's chunky thighs... har har har!

P.S. I think Erika's decor idea is pretty fantastic.

Brittany Sciba said...

Happy 6 months babies!!! I love all the pictures, but that last one is beyond adorable! Must go in a frame!

Amanda said...

The feet pics are AWESOME! So, so cute! The last one is really precious too... I wish I knew what Clara was laughing about... whatever it is, Colby doesn't seem to be nearly as interested. : ) Can't believe it's already been 6 months... crazy talk!

Natasha said...

Oh, I love those last pictures!!! So sweet :)

And I'm sending up some prayers for better sleeping for Colby. And for you!