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Monday, October 21, 2013

Punkins and the pumpkins

This is going to be really shocking to you, seeing as though we're a young, mainstream couple with babies and it's Fall, but we took Colby and Clara to a pumpkin patch this weekend! And what is also probably very shocking to you is the very original title of this post that I came up with as a result.

My parents were in town and although the weather in Houston is typically pretty disgusting, it was actually perfect this weekend, so we took full advantage! 

The babies actually cooperated very nicely, but that aforementioned perfect weather proved to be a bit of a problem because it was really too sunny for us to get a good shot. But you better believe that didn't stop us from trying!

One of these [pumpkins] is not like the other...

You can't tell, but they were really pumped up to get the photo shoot started.

That's more like it!

Yep, that would be my son licking the pumpkin. We haven't introduced that food yet so Colby took matters into his own hands.

And this is the result of using flash when the sun is shining.

How cute are the ruffles on her butt? And the bows on her socks? And the bow on her head? Sometimes I just can't handle that girl.

We then attempted some pics of the 4 of us, all of which turned out to be terrible.

We moved to the shade, but still no luck...

Even though we had a good time at the pumpkin patch, I (clearly) wasn't all that excited about the quality of the pictures, so that afternoon we attempted round 2 on our front porch (sans pants) (for the babies) (all of the adults kept our pants on). Fortunately/unfortunately for you, I loved pretty much every picture we got, so forgive me for not narrowing down this collection more:

Silly babies

Clara's telling Colby a secret in this one...

And apparently it was a knee-slapper!

I love how sincerely excited she looks in this one, and then how quickly she loses focus in the next one...

What is this magical orange ball?

Daddy has become an expert entertainer for photo shoots- he'll have to put that on his resume.

And my two favorites (pictures and babies):

Ok now the pumpkin picture overload is complete, I promise! Before my parents left on Sunday, we made a quick visit to see my grandparents (who are 89 and 90 years young!). The weather was once again perfect and thankfully the babies were once again cooperative*, and we even managed to get a picture of the 4 of them together:

Jean Mom, Clara, Roy, and Colby

*This outing was at the expense of the babies' second nap, which means that they were anything but "cooperative" yesterday afternoon, but oh well- it was worth it!

I will make no promises that future pumpkin pictures are not on the horizon, particularly once we put the babies in their costumes, but you should be safe for at least the rest of this week ;)


Brittnie said...

I love Clara's ruffle butt!! Adorable!

Bring on the pumpkin and costume pics. . . we all love it!

the blogivers said...

MUFFINS! We had the same issue with the sun at Davis's first pumpkin patch trip (and again this year)... stupid sun! It should be mandatory that all Saturdays in October are overcast and cool. And while I'm a little disappointed you didn't get any pics of the grown-ups sans pants in the pumpkins, the ones of the babies turned out cute enough that I will forgive you.

Erika said...

OMG!! You took your babies to a pumpkin patch??! That is SUCH a cute and unique idea!!!

Hahaha. Sike. At least they took some cute pictures. Love their little Halloween outfits, especially the one with ruffles!!

Natasha said...

Those are some seriously cute pictures! The one of Colby licking the pumpkin made me laugh a lot :)

Janet Sainsbury said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the smile :-)

Brittany Sciba said...

Pumpkin pics are the best! I love them all! :) Precious little punkins!

Courtney Squillante said...

Those pictures (and kids of course!) are precious!!!

Andrew Nelson said...


Merrie said...

Adorbs! Well done!