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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New month, new blog (post)

Good news: I’m taking a break from my two full-time jobs (the one that pays the bills and that easy side gig commonly referred to as “parenting”) to share more of my thoughts with the internet. So sit back and enjoy:

- I have decided that there are two camps of girl moms that put bows on their daughters: (1) those that center the bow on the baby’s head and (2) those that place the bow off to the side. I sit very firmly in the second camp. Where do you stand on this important issue?

- That little side-bow-wearing muffin and her twin brother will be 6 months old on Saturday! Brian has promised me a reward for making it to my goal of nursing/pumping for 6 months (translation: we haven't had to buy formula yet). I'm thinking about something really extravagant and exciting like a pedicure. Fancy, I know, but that's how I roll these days.

- In addition to not having to buy formula yet, thanks to the generosity of friends and family members, we have also gone 6 months without having to buy diapers! However, we are just about out so we'll have to buy some this weekend. Still pretty impressive!

- My newest niece, Avery, will be making her debut one month from today! That is almost as hard to believe as the fact that the twins will be 6 months old, because I'm pretty sure Allison just found out she was pregnant, like, yesterday.

- I have recently decided that I like almonds. I am ok with admitting that I have a bad habit of deciding I don’t like certain foods without actually trying them. Then something eventually happens that pressures me into giving them a try and believe it or not, sometimes I actually end up enjoying them! In this case, the trail mix I have been consuming in large quantities from Costco contains almonds, and although I was tempted to pick them out at first, it was easier just to shovel them in my mouth along with the rest of the mix. After eating approximately 8 million of them of them, I can now say that they aren’t as bad as I once thought. Other foods that have surprised me by turning out to be tasty in embarrassingly recent years: avocados/guacamole, sweet potatoes, spinach, and hummus.

- Speaking of food, I have developed a very dysfunctional relationship with it since having the babies. I find myself eating anything and everything in sight in the name of keeping up with the extra calories required to nurse twins, and often to reward myself for surviving some of the more stressful moments (30 minutes to get the babies down for a nap? I deserve another handful (or ten) of those peanut butter pretzels!). At the same time, I am not really enjoying the fluffiness of my stomach or flabbiness of my arms, so I would like to get back in the habit of eating responsibly. Based on the abundance of Oreos and ice cream currently in my kitchen, I think it’s safe to say that isn’t happening quite yet.

- On the plus side, someone complimented me recently on the amount of water I drink. It is sad how proud I felt in that moment.

And that's all I've got. Happy October! 


Brittnie said...

I'm all for the bow on the side look! But these days Clara will tug and pull on her bow/headband so I am lucky if it even stays on, thus don't really feel like rearranging it back to the middle of her head 500x a day :).

I cannot believe you haven't had to buy diapers this entire time! That is awesome. I may or may not be a little jealous of that...

Back when I was nursing/pumping I decided there was no reason to try to eat healthier since 1. I was always hungry and 2. I had way more intense cravings than compared to when I was pregnant.
So . . . basically I can provide no encouragement for you in this department. I tried to eat healthier once I was done pumping in April and then oops. . . well you know what happened. :) Healthy eating has gone back out the window. ha! Someday ,right?

Brittnie said...

meant to say: rearrange it back to the side of her head

Mollyanne said...

I too have landed firmly in the side bow camp. Although we had to switch to clip-in bows by about 2 months because Emery has so much hair that I needed something that would actually hold it back from her face.

We bought our first diapers this week too! But we've been cloth diapering for about 6 weeks and only have one baby. I am super impressed that you've made it this long without buying any.

Erika said...

Side bow camp!!! I am insanely impressed that you've gone 6 months without buying diapers!! Did you have like an entire room in your house devoted to your diaper stash? That would be like a singleton mom not having to buy diapers for a YEAR! I mean, my kids will be potty trained by the time they're a year old, so that would be perfect!!

the blogivers said...

1. I'm in camp side bow!
2. I vote for a pedicure AND a new piece of clothing.
3. That really is nice about the diapers... not sure many people could pull that off with 2 babies for 6 months! I'm jealous.
4. It's weird to think I was only like 9 weeks pregnant when the babies were born. And I threw up Chick-fil-A outside the hospital one day that weekend. And several times in your guest bathroom toilet.
5. Welcome on board the almond train! Have you tried any that aren't salted yet? (Just assuming the ones in the trail mix are not plain.)
6. I don't really think your food relationship as of late is dysfunctional... I think you have been in survival mode for awhile and eating more/indulging has been sort of necessary. (You know me, always rationalizing "bad" habits.)
7. H2O is the way to go.

Amanda said...

Side bow camp for sure! And that is INCREDIBLE about the nursing and the diapers! Way to go!

I have to agree with you about deciding before I try foods whether I like them or not, but most of the time I'm right. You say you like almonds, but have you had a plain, unsalted, unflavored whole almond by itself? Because that tastes like tree bark!

Nikki Miller said...

Totally side bow! However, my husband thinks that headband bows make ours girls look like Rambo.
SUPER impressed with EBF twins! That is a huge accomplishment and def. deserves a reward!

Brittany Sciba said...

Overall I am in the side bow camp, but sometimes GK's bows are so big and take up her whole head that it's hard to tell if they are on the side or in the middle! ;)

All Boxed Up said...

I agree bows should be worn on the side.I can see why some put them in the center so that they are not as easily pulled out. My big thing is bows that are as big as the baby's head. I am like come on don't hide all that cuteness with such a big bow.
I am in awe that you have breast feed twins for 6 months. I made it like 6 weeks with just one baby.
Where have you had all those diapers stored? I am major impressed that you haven't had to purchase diapers and a little jealous too. We only made it like 2months on diapers before we had to start purchasing them ourselves.

Allena said...


I am also in the camp of eating bad food as 'required' for nursing. Um...muffin top central! And my baby is 9 months old, so the muffin top is not necessary and neither are ALL the extra calories, ha! But it's good to know I'm not the only one. Now...can I get my husband to go to the gas station for some candy??

Natasha said...

I am just now trying to break myself of the "eat everything in sight" habit and Rachel is two years old. Yerghks :( That's what four years of being pregnant or nursing will do to you (or me, I should say!).

Also I'm very impressed you have not yet had to buy diapers. That's awesome!

And I very much affirm your water intake. Mine is not so amazing. Ever.

Amber Massey said...

Only the COOL camp- the side bow. Duh:) ALSO- how can I become friends with your friends, or even be welcomed to the family? I kinda hate you just a little bit about the whole diaper thing. Two words: Lucky. Duck. Annnnddd your babies are absolutely precious! Xo!