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Friday, October 25, 2013

Insert AOL Instant Message Sound Effect Here

Happy Friday, all!

A big thanks to Erika for giving me an easy blog topic inspiring me to post for the third time this week. In case you missed it, she revived the AOL chain letter surveys from our adolescence, and for obvious reasons (read: lack of another topic), I decided to follow suit. 

1. If you had to be on a reality TV show, which one would you choose?
Besides Desperate Housewives of Richmond, Texas, you mean? I'm gonna go with that Make Room for Multiples show on TLC. 

2. If you had to be on a TV game show, which one would you choose?
I watch very little TV these days, and haven't watched a TV game show in many moons, except when Brian is channeling his inner 80-year-old and turns on Wheel of Fortune. Um, so I guess I'm just going to go with Price is Right. Is that even still on?

3. If you could have a top-of-the-line, totally tricked out household appliance (just ONE!) for free, what appliance would you choose?
In my current stage of life, I would have to go with a washing machine. We use the crap out of ours right now, and even though it's nice and only a few years old, it would be nice to have a fancier one that didn't mold or make our towels smell like stale toilet water. (Anyone else have this issue with front-loading LG washing machines?!)

4. What company could you be the spokesperson for?
Tostitos. Is that sad?

5. Why did you start blogging?
Because (a) I was unemployed and had just moved here (translation: I had no friends), and (b) Allison did it, and if you haven't noticed, we tend to follow each other's lead :)

6. Would you rather have 10 cats living inside your house or 10 dogs (mixed breeds/sizes)?
Dogs! But it would change my answer to #3... I would definitely go with a top-of-the-line vacuum in that case.

7. Which Disney princess do you most identify with? Or prince. Or villain. Or goofy side-kick.
I cheated and took a "Which Disney Princess Are You?" quiz. It said Belle because I'm "strong, deep, and not a slave to petty superficial things." My primary issue with that result is that I look terrible in yellow...

8. What is your most hated food item?
I think pickles are really disgusting and it seriously amazes me that I'm in the minority for thinking that. I mean, seriously, look at it:

9. Would you rather have a tame lion or a tame panda as a pet?
PANDA all the way. And yes, that's 99% because "panda" rhymes with "Amanda." 

10. Did you make up fake identities to use in AOL/Prodigy/CompuServe chatrooms in the 90s? 
Yes, ALL the time. My friends and I would make up fake identities and go into chat rooms and basically sabotage the entire conversation. I'm pretty sure we went into a weight loss chat room and declared that we were so overweight that one of us ate our boyfriend. I'm sure that the legit chat room members (a) believed us and (b) really appreciated our sensitivity. 

In more disturbing news, we actually met up with 1-2 of the people we met online (usually guys that were our age and went to other high schools in the area). We even invited one of them to our house?! Smart move, high school self.

And no, Erika, I'm afraid I never did meet 'summergirl,' but I definitely baited my high school boyfriend with a fake screen name and a picture of another teenage girl I found online...  classy, and not the least bit manipulative.

Bonus tidbit: My AOL screen name was CookieAJN. Favorite food + initials = can't go wrong.

I'm too lazy to come up with my own questions so if you want to participate, then just use Erika's. They're probably more exciting what I would have come up with anyway!


Yve said...

Add one cup of vinegar to your rinse cycle, and your laundry will smell like detergent instead of mold.

Or, you could try this technique:

Brittnie said...

Do you leave your front loader door open for like 24 hours after a wash? I know we were told to do this and if you don't it will cause that mildew smell.

Hmmmmmm pickles!!!! :)

Excited to see y'all Sunday!

Erika said...

OMG your weightloss-chat-room story. DYING. That is awesome. And I'm confused about why front-loading washers, which seem way fancier/cooler and more high-tech than my plain old top-loader and DEFINITELY more expensive...why do they need all sorts of crazy pampering to not smell mildewy? That is really weird. My un-fancy washer is probably like 10 years old and has never once made that smell (unless I leave wet laundry in it for like 3 days, which really isn't the washer's fault). Maybe you should be lusting after a BOTTOM OF THE LINE washer instead, haha. Also, glad you never got killed by the strange folks you met from chat rooms! Woo!

Amanda said...

Pickles... most disgusting food EVER! Ughh! One summer I was a camp coordinator, and there were these twin girls who brought little cups of pickles in PICKLE JUICE every day... I smelled like pickles all summer. Cute kids, but I hated those girls! GROSS!

the blogivers said...

Ha, the weight loss chat room reminder is making me laugh! And the part about you meeting up with those guys you met online is just proof that at one point in our lives, I was more intelligent than you since I was not involved in orchestrating either of those brilliant moves...

Gina Manifesta said...

bahahahaha. I love high school Amanda. I also love 30 year old Amanda, don't worry.